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#LocalisLekker with @neetaraga

A few months ago ,Neeta contacted me online about help in setting up a blog and some general blog information.We chatted via email and not once did it come up what Neeta did for a living.Up until a few weeks ago ,Neeta asked me if I would be interested in a telephonic reading.I have had a few readings before and was interested in this.But at that time things were super busy so I told Neeta I would be in touch.A friend S who lives abroad in one of our many convos said that when things are going crazy and upside down in our life that is when we seek guidance from a reading and true to his words this is what happened.
 neetaSo frantic me messaged Neeta and asked if she was free for that reading and my luck she was.From the first Hello,I felt very comfortable and at ease talking to her.I had calmed down but was frantically writing down things she said to me.Her reading was very accurate with plenty of advise and guidance.I was given the opportunity to ask questions which was good though I do wish I had planned better.My experience was fantastic and now I need to work on the things Neeta has told me.After my reading I spoke to Neeta and found out abit more about her and what she does.
1) What is your core business?
My core business Is providing guidance, clarity to individuals, through clairvoyant readings, colour therapy, art therapy in order to empower them.
I provide Telephonic readings this is a convenient way to assist irrespective of the city my client lives in.

Art workshops are hands on, this provides a more interactive space to be in as I provide a safe fun space for others to express themselves.

I then use the art therapy tools to interpret the colours used to create the artwork.
2)How long have you been doing this ?
I became aware of my gift at the age of 9, from the age of 16 I became more aware and in tuned professionally used my gifts from 2006 to date.
3)What motivated you to enter this field?
My gifts and spiritual aspect opened up avenues to working with people, from guiding my clients as a beauty therapist my potential to guide other grew.

I love what I do.
4)Do you have any specific training?
Advanced Reiki healing course with Karen Lange, various healing workshops, beauty therapy, studied art and design.
5)Why do you think people seek these types of services?
In this day and age we live in a crazy world, with many life pressures, we strive for balance and guidance as well as clarity in making better choices.
6)Where to from here for your business?
I would love expand into empowering individuals on a greater scale, assist in corporate companies, create awareness, I currently assist others in other countries.

By offering art workshops at the companies, team buildings.
My goal is to gain a more solid international footprint.

Instagram: Neeta Raga Dullabh
Contact: 0720621972
Neeta will be hosting a Workshop next weekend check out the details below.And it is at one of my favourite eateries.Spaces are limited so make sure you book asap.
Neeta Workshop
If you follow my blog , earlier this week I shared a post on my latest hobby Adult Colouring.In this post I shared that besides all the great benefits of colouring,the choice of colours are very symbolic something which I learnt from Neeta.One of my luck readers will be able to win a Mandala colour mini reading from Neeta.
So this is what you need to do :
1)Download this Mandala template and colour it in.
2)Once you have completed colouring in , you need to share a picture of your image on Twitter or Instagram or both if you want.You will need to tag @verushka143 and @neetaraga and include the hashtag #LocalisLekker so that we can see you entry.Neeta will be picking a winner.
3)Only one entry per person.
4)Giveaway ends on the 26 September 2015.
5)This giveaway is an international giveaway as the reading will be done via email.
I cant wait to see how creative you get.Share this Mandala and encourage your family and friends to get colouring.
Be Inspired !

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