Eve's Magic Tea #Review

The constant change of weather in Durban and my work environment means that I have a weak immune system.Having a weak immune system means I often end up with cold and flu symptoms.Earlier this year I had what I thought was a common flu but ended up been a chest infection.
So when a friend at work suggested Eve’s instant Honeyed Ginger Tea,I was keen to try this out.From my mum’s home remedies I knew that honey,ginger and lemon are excellent in getting rid of the cold and flu.My friend said she always kept a pack of this tea and as soon as she felt the cold and flu symptoms she would take this tea.She had just finished her last packet of tea but told me that these were available at Dischem.
Eve's Tea
Off I went to Dischem to find this “miracle tea”.I had a really awful nagging cough that kept me up at night and was so tired of cough mixtures and lozengers.I found the tea it came to 2 box sizes ,I opted for the smaller box of ten which costed me roughly around R30.The box felt rather heavy and to me it felt like there was more than ten teabags inside.On getting home I decided I needed to have this tea.I had expected to find a teabag inside I found small crystals which had to be put into a cup of boiling hot water.This was an instant tea no bits and pieces inside kind of reminded me of Medlemon.
The tea was rather sweet for me so I added in extra hot water.After having this tea my cough stopped and my throat stopped feeling all scratchy and sore.I had this tea for 3 days and felt so much better.I have actually started keeping a sachet in my lunchbag just incase I feel the sniffles.During the last week a few friends were not feeling too good so I gave them a tea sachet and told them my story.And they both said it works and will be getting there own stash pretty soon.There is also a sweet available in the variety tho I much prefer the tea.
Ginger Tea has been used for centuries or all sorts of ailments and its therapeutic properties.Some health benefits include :
1)soothing of cold and flu symptoms.
2)stimulating the immune system.
3)eases indigestion.
4)helps with motion sickness and nausea even in pregnant women.
5)Treats mild diarrhea.
While Honey is a miracle ingredient used for so many reasons thus making this combination along with lemon a miracle tea.I am no fan of medicines and prefer home remedies but sometimes some of these taste,smell and look awful.From now on I will defo be using the Eve’s instant tea.These tea sachets can be taken hot or cold.Makes a refreshing drink for summer with ice cubes added to the hot water mix which is needed to dissolve the crystals.
For more information on this product or other products in the range check out
Do you have any home remedies for cold and flu?
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3 thoughts on “Eve's Magic Tea #Review

  1. Good to see it helped your cold. I am a recent convert to ginger and find it very appealing. I particularly enjoy ginger and lemon tea, but ginger and honey sounds divine.

  2. I’ve never tried instant tea before- this sounds delicious. My cold go to tends to be a little bit of grated ginger, lemon and honey with water- I drink it until the cold is gone 🙂 A convenient version in a pack sounds great for on the go!

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