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#OOTD Bollywood Inspired

A sari is the traditional dress of an Indian women.As soon as an Indian girl comes of age,she starts to wear a sari.According to which part of India your family roots are will depend on the way you wear your sari.Bollywood movies have inspired young women all over the globe to dress like the movie starlets.Even Hollywood has fashion that has been inspired by the humble sari.
Traditionally a sari is a long lenght of fabric with is between 6 to 7 metres.The fabric can be Silk,Cotton ,Georgette ,Lace or Chiffon.Often a combination of fabrics are used to make a sari.Block printed patterns,gold thread,crystals and sequins are used to decorate these fabrics.The prices vary from a few hundred rands to a few thousand rands according to the fabric and work.A bridal sari can often weigh up to ten kilograms with all the work.The sari is worn with a fitted blouse to match the sari which is then draped around the body.Below is a step by step guide on how to tie a sari.Although there are now saries available that are called the 1 minute sari as you literally just wrap it around your body.
How to tie a sari
It has only been for the last five years that I have started wearing  a sari to weddings and prayers.Traditionally Indian married women wore a sari everyday this is not the case in South Africa but it is common in India to see ladies wearing a sari everyday.Along with the sari one needs to wear matching jewellery,bangles and a bindhi(dot).I have now fallen in love with wearing this traditional Indian dress and have my growing collection.
Wearing a sari makes me feel elegant and like a true Indian woman.I love the slimming effect a sari gives me.I love combining my Eastern look with modern Western jewellery.Over the weekend we had a family memorial to attend,I knew I would be wearing a sari but had not decided which one.Getting ready for an Indian function takes alot of time as one needs to find all the appropriate accessories,shoes and makeup.
I opted for a very lightweight black chiffon sari.The sari had an abstract white border on it which gave it a very modern look.Besides the slimming effect of wearing black it was such an unusal look for a day time event.I paired the sari with a large pearl statement neckpiece to match the white abstract border.I choose a set of white and gold bangles to match my sari.This sari was purchased for roughly R200.I loved how the everything worked.As the sari was chiffon,it was very lightweight to wear and did feel as if I was wearing nothing.I have decided to buy a few more chiffons to add to my sari collection.
full picselfie with mum
Do you enjoy wearing traditional clothing ? Have you ever worn a sari?
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