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Packing Tips for Travels to Hot Destinations

Packing Tips for Travels to Hot Destinations

Packing for a holiday can be such a difficult task. Sometimes we pack too little or too much and often we forget essentials. Over the last few years I have learned how to pack effectively. Each trip be it local or international  has different needs as well as the location I found this packing guide rather helpful.
General Tips :

  1. Find out about the weather at your destination. Google Weather Forecast is rather accurate.
  2. Research your destination in terms of what is accepted clothing wise.

3. Pack a spare change of clothing in your hand luggage incase you get seperated from your luggage.
4. Make and keep lists.
5. Find out your luggage allowance.
6. Always take a hand luggage bag.
During my most recent Media Trip to Abu Dhabi last week , I packed the morning of my trip. I knew that the weather would be very hot so the clothing I took had to be cool and prevent the sun from burning me. The reason for packing so late was due to the fact that I worked up until the day before I flew out. But I already had a mental wardrobe forming in my head of what I would wear daily. I used my schedule to plan my outfits for each day.I also took note of special dress requirements for specific activities. This is what I packed for my 5 days in Abu Dhabi :

  1. 2 pairs of sandals ,2 pairs of flat shoes ( 1 pair I wore on my outbound journey) and lastly a pair of black heels for the Dinner for 2 nights ( my feet were too sore so this I did not wear them.)Here are some pretty cool shoe options for travelling.
  2. A lightweight long cardigan perfect for when temperatures drop at night or early morning. I took a grey cardi as it would go with all my clothing.
  3. 2 scarves , 1 soft almost like chiffon scarf and 1 slightly thick and smarter scarf for the evening.
  4. 6 smart tops , 2 of which were for the evening. The tops were all long ,soft fabrics and crease free.
  5. 4 pairs of trousers , 2 of which were palazzo styled lightweight , soft and crease free. And a 3/4 denim trousers for our Fun beach/water day.
  6. 2 dresses for the evening. I love dressing up for events and as these dinners were in beautiful eateries I knew I had to be smart.
  7. A large sun hat. I finally found a large floppy hat that was soft and was able to be folded up. The hat was largr enough to cover my neck and face. The hat was a bit pricey but hey it is not like I buy hats all the time and this was needed. I also took my prescription sunglasses which were such a blessing.
  8. A cosmetic bag contained my jewelery which included 2 large statement neck pieces for then evening and my beautiful Meraki Ring.
  9. Underwear of course 2 per day.
  10. A swimming costume and swimming kaftan .
  11. Makeup which included 2 types of sunblock. There will be a seperate post on these essentials.

12. 3 plastic empty carrier bags for dirty clothing.
13. Medication in a small cosmetic bag that was kept in my handbag.
14. I carried my large leather handbag and carried a beach bag and a black clutch bag for the evenings.

It is very important to research your destination so that you do not offend the locals. One of my tours in Abu Dhabi was to the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. We were given guidelines on what to wear. These were the guidelines :

  1. Men and women to wear long ankle length trousers. ( I wore my palazzo pants here )
  2. Long sleeve shirts or suits wrist length. ( I opted for a long sleeve top but realised it was not wrist length so I carried my cardigan to put over my shirt.)
  3. Clothes can be any colour but must not be transparent.
  4. No beach wear and no shorts and no strappy vests.
  5. Ladies are required to wear a headscarf of any colour to cover their hair.

I did not mind dressing this way as I have a modest dressing style. Having my arms and legs covered meant I dont get sunburnt. Later that day we visited the 7 star Emirates Palace and here too there was a dress code of no flip flops , shorts or vests. Yet again this suited me just fine. I wore the same outfit I wore to the mosque minus my cardigan.I have learnt over my years of travelling to pack light and only take what I need so that I have place for shopping at my destination.
Abu Dhabi Clothing packed
My hand luggage included :

  1. Copies of Visa and passport.
  2. Camera bag.
  3. 1 set of clothing incase of emergency.
  4. Notebook.
  5. Comestic bag with costume jewels.
  6. All my charging cables and powerbank.

My handbag contained the following :

  1. Travel wallet with passport , visa and flight tickets.
  2. Wallet with money and cards.
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Handcream.
  5. Hairbrush.
  6. Notebook and pen.
  7. Reading book.
  8. Lipgloss
  9. Gum
  10. Tissuses.

I came home from Abu Dhabi having used most of what I packed and having not left anything behind in Abu Dhabi. Though I think I did leave my heart in Abu Dhabi 🙁
Are you a last minute packer ? Do you take too much ? Share a tip for packing?
Be Inspired !
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