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The Power of Belief #TuesdayTruth

Since the start of 2016 , I have been on a journey of finding myself and understanding my religion and spirituality. This was prompted by my Goals for the year.

In January , I undertook a pure vegetarian fast and prayed daily for ten days. I was observing the Kavady Prayer which is a Hindu prayer dedicated to Lord Muruga. During this time I focused on my belief and finding answers to so many unanswered questions, this meant lots of conversations with God on a daily basis. Part of this prayer includes you having to  carry your Kavady which is either a wooden structure or a brass pot of Milk on shoulders and walking a distance in prayer. This journey tested my faith, my belief and my relationship with my maker.
It was during this time , I started watching Belief by Oprah Winfrey. This series is based on people around the world and their faith , belief and journey to find the comfort they need. Each episode left me in awe of the world and the amazing people who walk this earth. All these got me thinking and made me believe that there is something greater out there than just us.
Belief #TuesdayTruth
This is a story about a girl who learned to believe in herself and her dreams. Society often puts us into boxes and tells us who we are,what we can do and what we need to look like to fit in. For years I believed that there was actually something wrong with me and I was abnormal. Society made me believe that being overweight was a crime and that made me an outcast. It was only last March when I came to the belief that there was so much more to me than just my physical appearance.
With my new-found confidence and the belief that I could do and be anything I wanted. I took on the world and believed in the power of me. The power of me meant focusing on my goals , my happiness and appreciating all the blessings in my life. This change in mindset saw me focused on things that mattered to me and not things others told me to focus on.
I Believe..

  1. I am stronger than I look.
  2. I am braver than I feel.
  3. I am grateful for blessings and lessons.
  4. I am a hard worker who is passionate about my world.
  5. I am a kind human.
  6. I #Live2Inspire.
  7. In miracles.
  8. The power of prayer.
  9. That celebrating the small things in life matter.
  10. In letting go.

Like George Micheal once said “I have Faith ” indeed I do believe in the power of me having a positive mindset to achieve my goals. #2016 will be a year of believing in miracles , a year of passion and year of believing in the power of ME.
What do you believe in ? What drives you daily to achieve more ?
Be Inspired !
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