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HP 360 Touch Review

In December the lovely folks from the Intel team sent me a lovely gadget to review and in the festive spirit, I got to keep this gorgeous new addition to my tech range. I was sent one of their new 2 in 1 Laptop devices , the HP 360 Touch in a bright cherry red. Instantly I fell in love with the colour which was so perfect for  Christmas. I rather liked the idea of adding a pop of colour to my life.
20160117_150555_001-1-1Like most technology junkies I love trying out new products especially those which have more than one use. With most smartphones on the market today having Touch screens it is no surprise that this 2 in 1 device boasts the same. Come on lets be honest now how many times have you tapped on the screen of your PC assuming it had the same function ??  Well if you are like me several times. This device besides looking snazzy can function as a Laptop and  can be converted into a Touch screen tablet which the 360 degree hinge helps you do.
The thinking behind this device is that the device can be adapted to fit in with our lifestyle. Today we all carry several gadgets with us daily depending on our needs. Imagine going to a meeting carrying this device as a Laptop and mid meeting switch to Tablet mode while you do a presentation , no need for another device or more cables to be lugged around.
As I was in holiday mode in December , I spent most of my time of my 2 in 1 watching movies, listening to music and uploading pics. The sound quality is pretty impressive as the 2 speakers are from Beats Audio Sound. There are several USB ports which is always useful when having multiple devices on the go at once. This device runs on Windows 8.1 and has several pretty cool features in including the HP Smart Protect which protects the device from bumps and protects against losing data. The battery life is fairly decent and I could go two days without charging it. Two days included it been on standby and watching two movies.
Weighing in at 1,4kg and measuring 22mm in thickness this device is not the lightest or thinnest in the market however, it is easy to carry around. I did not feel like it was too heavy or bulky. The rounded edges I somehow felt I had more grip when carrying this device. The snazzy HP logo in shiny silver is rather attractive. I am looking forward to playing around more on my 2 in 1 and understanding fully all the features this device has on offer.
The keyboard is black and rather comfortable to type on. I only started using the device properly in early 2016 once my holiday mode was over. So far honestly I have enjoyed this 2 in 1 device. The colour and design after posted a few images on social media did catch the eye of a few followers who did message to ask me more and where they could buy one from.
This device is available currently in South Africa at Incredible Connection. It does comes in Silver ,Red or Green.
What device are you currently working on? Do you prefer a Tablet to a Laptop or are you liking the Hybrid route that most products are choosing to go down ?
Be Inspired !
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