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Ford Everest × Good Year Travelogue through the Western Cape

Ford Everest × Good Year Travelogue through the Western Cape

I recently was invited to join the Ford and Good Year teams on a Travelogue aka a roadtrip.Before I go on I must say the Ford team always put together EPIC media trips exploring South Africa and last year I was invited to an Eastern Cape adventure.As a travel creative I love how we are taken off the beaten path and to real hidden gems.Our #GoodYearTravelogue took us to Cape Town and then our adventure started.


This was my first flight for the year which is crazy considering how often I used to travel before Covid.Early morning flights and my phobia about missing flights kicked in as per normal.On landing in Cape Town ,I met the Good Year team who I travelled with for this trip.Awaiting us in the parking was the beauty we would travel in for the next three days.Luggage loaded yes there is ample boot space in the Ford Everest as we had 4 hand luggage suitcases and 4 backpacks stored.

Our first stop took us to a car museum roughly thirty minutes away from the airport.Wijnland Auto Museum is home to a wide collection of classic cars and motoring relics from days gone by.This is most definately a must visit for the car fanatics.

After a meet and greet session,with screening and a wander around the museum it was time to hit the road and see how the Ford Everest with it’s Good Year tyres could handle the roads of the Western Cape.Our convoy of Ford Everests were a sight indeed and did get a few head turns.

The Western Cape is filled with reminders of the past with memorial sites.There are not many towns inbetween and it makes one really wonder how the people who live in the middle of nowhere survive.Cellphone reception is pretty limited and non existant at times having two way radios in the each Ford Everest made communication much easier.The seats and space made the drive very comfortable and the tyres handled the bends and turns very smoothly making the journey very enjoyable.

Our lunch stop was in the small town of MatjiesfonteinKnown to be the most haunted place in South Africa,I defo would not want to be stuck here at night.I had visited the town before for a  few hours during my Rovos Rail Trip.It is very small with gorgeous well maintained Victorian styled buildings.We ordered lunch while on the road as even small towns like this can not escape Load Shedding.

Laird’s Arms Pub was was lunch destination next door to the famous and magestic Lord Milnerton Hotel.Stepping through the doors took one back in time to the Victorian Era and instantly you start looking for a piano.The decor is immaculate and very true to the time period.The menu is small bur so delish.I opted for the Fish & Chips and did not expect much but let me you it was delish,flaky and huge.No fancy crockery or plating just good old pub grub.

After that delish meal we headed off on our off road adventure that took us through some pretty intense terrain but the Ford Everest and them Good Year tyres really came to the party.The drive was not as bumpy as I thought as the tyres handled the road effectively.Gravel roads with a crazy incline but views for days greeted us.Proving yet again just how beautiful a country we live in

The drive to our home for the night seemed never ending and with nothing in sight for miles I honestly thought we would end up camping under the stars.But out of nowhere …Rooiberg Lodge came into our view.The sun was starting to set and boy oh boy did the property look amazing.From the outside it did not like much but it blew my mind.

The rooms were spacious with a gorgeous shower.Enough plug points and USB charging ports and a cute outdoor patio.The Lodge has also self catering units on the premises and Game Drives can be arranged.

This gem in the middle of nowhere also experienced loadshedding hence dinner was by candlelight.A great menu with something for all tastebuds.I did enjoy my starter main and after a 4am start to the day I was shattered.A hot shower and my bed was calling.Crazy me opted for a 6am Game Drive spotted the usual species of buck and some animals very specific to the area.The property is huge with some incredible terrain.

After my Game Drive ,we packed had breakfast and got on the road again.We are never given a plan of action for the trip but rather clues and hints.We were headed to Montague for the night with a pitstop for the World Famous Milkshakes.When I had reception I googled and found out that we were headed to Barrydale to Diesel & Creme.Me being me I checked out the menu and my travel buddies found it so funny that I do stuff like that.This helps me in planning and knowing what I want instead of hmming and ahhing.

Diesel & Creme is a Vintage American styled diner on Route 62.The decor is very on point with all the car decor from years gone by.There is indoor and outdoor seating.It is a very popular spot and with the amazing milkahakes and delish food it is clearly evident why.The milkshakes are huge and very filling made with very good quality icecream.So in keeping with the whole American Diner vibe the menu has type dinner food and I ordered a mini burger to go with my Lemon Meringue Milkshake.I was so glad I opted for the mini burger as the milkshake was next level.

We then headed to Montagu ,a place I had stayed at previously.Another small town with an interesting story of ghosts.Seems all the small towns have stories.After checking in we headed off on a cycling Ghost Tour learning about the history of the town and trying to spot some ghosts.This was such a quirky experience and a must do if you find yourself in Montagu.

Another early morning start as we headed back to Cape Town.A quick breakfast and we hit the road.To Ceres we headed dusty roads ,scattered homes along the way and yes a few tortoises stopped us in our tracks.But as always in a Ford the journey is always so comfortable and having good tyres make it a Good journey.We saw the roads and landscape change so dramatically as we headed on the R355 between Ceres and Calvinia in the Tankwa Karoo.

It was dry and the heat was insane.And then in the middle of literally nowhere is the Tankwa Padstal.Do not be fooled by the name as the hidden gem is very popular among the bikers and those heading to Afrikaburn Festival.But to add the the charm there is a “crashed UFO” on site as well as a few interesting installations that make one question if the aliens do land here at night.It is an eccentric and zany site to visit.I can only imagine the stillness at night and a sky full of stars.

Now to the actual Padstal it is shop filled with treasures and tons of random items like incense sticks,board games ,Mexican face masks and jars of sweets.Part of the Padstal includes a kitchen that has a small yet tasty menu on the wall which includes roosterkoek,ribs,burgers and yes even a vegan burger.Next door is a bar with a sign that says “We have no WiFi talk to each other”.I ordered a special UFO burger and it was huge the green sauce did give it the whole alien vibe and I loved it.

After lunch we headed back to Cape Town but not before we drove through some amazing landscape and roads really pushing the Ford Everest and the Good Year tyres.

And like all journeys things must end.Thank you Ford and Good Year Tyres for an EPIC trip to end 2021.I now know so much about tyres and why you do need to spend more on them.I got to spend the night in Cape Town and made sure I got to eat the famous Gatsby 🙂

Be safe on the roads and make sure you have roadworthy tyres to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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