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Girls on a Road Trip

With our crazy busy lives , it is sometimes rather difficult to catch up with your friends. And even after loads of planning sometimes it does not pan out. So after almost 6 months of not seeing the Girls , I suggested a road trip on a midweek holiday. To my surprise everyone was available and keen for a catch up.
Road Trip Quote
A definition for a road trip is

An unexpected journey in a car ,a short or long distance journey

Travelling can be expensive especially if you are thinking about visiting abroad.But a road trip is an excellent way to discover new places especially South Africa check out this post on an epic roadtrip through my beautiful South Africa. However becoming a local tourist is a fantastic way of exploring your own country first before the world. And as a local tourist you will be putting money back into your country by supporting local businesses.Travelling with friends can be positive and negative like I found out in this blog post
As a kid my parents often did road trips with us and it was the most economical way to travel as a family. The longest period of time we spent on the road was a three week trip via the Garden Route to Cape Town. We arrived in Cape Town on Christmas Eve. Along the way we stayed a few days and some pretty amazing places and explored something new everyday. Those memories are indeed priceless but to pull off a trip with kids has to be well planned especially for such a long period of time.I do wish my parents had gotten a mobile home but then there were no RV Rentals like ones available now.
But road trips do not have to be so long or even overnight stays. A day trip is a fantastic option to explore locally in a short period of time. I am a planner so I like to be organized especially when I am travelling even for a day.

Day Road Trip Tips

  1. Leave early so that the day is not wasted.
  2. Make sure your car is roadworthy.
  3. Fill up on petrol , check your oil and water and well as your spare tyre.
  4. Carry bottled water incase of an emergencies.
  5. Plastic carrier bags so that car does not become messy.
  6. A USB with all your favourite tracks on it so you can sing and dance while road tripping.
  7. Make sure your phones are charged and you have a charging cable in your car.
  8. Snacks for the road.
  9. Wet wipes for cleaning up any spills.
  10. Carry light jackets or jerseys if the weather is not all sunshine.
  11. Travel with family or friends.
  12. If travelling with friends split the cost of petrol so it becomes cheaper to do this again.

Girls Road Trip Gwahumbe
So feeling rather excited , we met up at 9am that morning so excited not about where exactly we were heading but the fact that we were together. Sometimes all you need is a good day out with the girls to make your soul happy. All we knew was that we wanted to get out of the city and do something different.

A road trip is great for :

  1. Bonding
  2. Destressing
  3. Catching up
  4. Being a local tourist
  5. Trying out new things.

We had an idea that we wanted to go out of the city but not too far. So we decided to explore the Hillcrest and Kloof areas. Each of us had not been there in ages but knew that the air was cleaner , crisper and atmosphere was just what our souls needed. As we drove out of the city we could feel the drop in temperature and of course my ears popped. Instantly my cousin said ” Open your windows and smell the clean , crisp air” we all did exactly that and stuck out heads out the window taking in big gulps of fresh air. Just thirty minutes into our Road Trip and I personally was feeling so much better , maybe it was the fresh air or maybe it was my company but whatever it was my soul felt good. First on the agenda was food as no one had time for breakfast.
Road Trip Breakfast/Madelines
We found a cute coffee shop with a delightful wall of mirrors and another wall of clocks. Everything smelled so good. After several selfies we decided on coffee and croissants. Let me tell that these croissants were freshly baked out of the oven and you could taste the butter. If you ever find yourself in the area check out Madelines. Their menu includes breakfast , light lunches and a variety of cakes. Also on sale are baked goodies for you to take home. A lovely touch is the warm fluffy blankets that are available as the area can be rather chilly. This place is perfect for a girls catch up coffee session.
Girls Road Trip 2
A spot of shopping was in order as it was a retail park after all. I love wandering into little shops and finding unusual gifts. Yes I am one of those people who have a box of gifts just incase. Then I spotted a place that had been seeing all over Social Media and knew we had to pop in to try a few things in particular. On a side note the Girls and I have very similar tastes and love trying out new things especially food. The Girls are always open to my recommendations and that makes them great travel companions.
Union Square Hillcrest
Now getting back to our next stop Union Square. Before setting food inside I knew what we were going to eat. Cheesey Fries, Chicken Wings and Kopparberg Cider was ordered in not the traditional way. Basically every customer is given is printed note pad and pen with the menu already printed ,you then have to tick off your choices before handing in your order. This is a great way of ordering what exactly you want for your meal without orders getting mixed up. Inbetween fits of laughter of food arrived we decided to order portions so we could share ,which is great for your budget. We were all very impressed with Union Square and have been back since that trip.Tummies full the Girls needed to go to the mall so off we headed to a new mall for some retail therapy. Been in each other’s company was more fun than shopping. It was such a fun day out that we decided we should do this again and since then we have done a Road Trip weekend to Gwahumbe.
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Be Inspired !
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Ps ….This is a sponsored post but the journey experiences are my own…


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43 thoughts on “Girls on a Road Trip

  1. I love your road trip tips. Last time we went on a road trip, we spent 4 hours out of reception and had no music. It was not well planned out at all. Will definitely be getting a USB of music for my next trip away. I also think it is so important to leave early in the morning to give yourself lots of time to get to your destination and so you have spare time to stop off and enjoy the scenery on the way to your location.

  2. Love roadtrips! Just did one over the weekend with the wife. Good list of things to prepare. We kind of flaked on a few like prepping the car (oil, tires, etc.)
    Do you take turns driving? Its very tiring driving for hours on end.

  3. Road trips are so much fun! And when you’re doing it with your girls, damn that’s the best time ever. Long drives seem to feel so short with all the laughter and constant chatter in the car with your girls! Some of my best memories are from road trips with my girls.

  4. Looks like you girls had a ton of fun!
    I love roadtrips too. But haven’t done it in a while now πŸ™ Back home in Malaysia, there are so many places you can drive to. All within 2-3 hours journey (even the beach). But here, we don’t have a car, so … πŸ™

  5. This looks like so much fun! Living right downtown, there’s no reason for me to rent a car (at the moment at least!). I use ZipCar pretty regularly for daytrips in North America.
    I’m way overdue for a road trip of my own!

  6. LOVE road trips and vacations with my girl gang! This post is so useful. Apart from all the points here, i also like to load up my iPod or create a playlist on Spotify for a total girl jam playlist! πŸ˜€

  7. I love road trip so much! With any kind of companion: my partner, my parents or my friends. Next year I will do the first road trip with two girl friends and I already know that it will be amazing!!

  8. Great points! Even both of us love road trips to the core! We guess that’s the best way of destressing from our busy corporate lives! Loved reading your post. Keep it coming!

  9. Completely agreed! I love going on road trips, but mostly alone on a long ride. I do have some friends to go along with as well, but I prefer alone every time, because I feel more relaxed. But then again, i love going on solo trips as well πŸ™‚
    Lovely post, with great pointers!

  10. 1. Getting together with friends is fun.
    2. Travelling is fun.
    3. Combining the two is way fun.
    We’ve all had experiences traveling with friends that tested the friendship, so it may be that a day trip, limiting the strain, is indeed the way to go.

  11. I love traveling with my girls but until now we have only ever flown! This makes me consider a road trip. That could be a fun ride in the car and a more entertaining bonding experience. In the plane you have to watch what you say ….

  12. Love road trips too. One it is a great opportunity for bonding with friends or family, secondly it provides a totally immersive travel experience and you can get really close to the places that you travel through.

  13. Road trips are so much fun! When living in England we did quite a few and explored the various parts of the countryside. Adventure is a great thing especially when you are with great people. I do agree they de-stress and are great for bonding.

  14. I love road trips, there’s so much fun in them. And when you have the perfect travel partners, the adventure is even better. Nice post, thanks for sharing!

  15. I LOVE road trips – it is such a great way to see the scenery while traveling. I’ve had a few girls road trips and it has always been such a bonding experience. But I’m also totally bias because I cannot drive soooooo I just nap in the back hahahaha.

  16. I too have a box of gifts in my home just in case!! It’s surprising how many times I’ve actually had to run and find the perfect, unusual gift for someone.
    Your road trip sounds amazing! I’ve done loooong road trips cross-country (USA) with my husband twice now, the first one was 11 days the second was 4 weeks! But my favorite road trip memories are with my best friend, when I’d pick her up in the morning, we’d stop and get coffee and snacks and then just drive through the countryside. Thanks for taking me back to that happy place! I hope you get to see the girls again soon! I know how cranky I get when I can’t see my best friends in too long.

  17. you great travel tips. I also prepare like what you write here. I even many prepare Snacks for the road. I prefer to bring food from home because it saves costs. Hehehhee …

  18. The best part about road trips are the short hauls that you can take to visit places along the way. I love road trips as they help you discover so much more . I also love the little cafes and inns along the way. Some of them have the yummiest food.

  19. Those chicken wings look ahhhhhhmazing! I enjoy road trips, it’s all the more fun with friends and a good mix of music. I have not had a girls road trip but it was really lovely to read your journey and experience. Thank you for the road trip tips, definitely some must follows!

  20. I think it’s always about both the journey and the final destination. The great thing about road trips is that they offer so many opportunities for side adventures before arriving at the last stop.

  21. Aww… dying for such girly trips! When are you coming to Bangalore next! We must plan something like this.
    Of course the tips are great! Well bulleted and presented.

  22. I love trip, especially when they are done with people that you love. A girl’s road trips sounds like a lot of fun but only when you prepare for it, otherwise it can get annoying, especially if you get a flat and you don’t have a spare tire in the trunk.

  23. Great tips and I agree with them all – but should have made note of your wet wipes tip! Because I definitely needed to have those for my past trip πŸ˜› Road trips are the best way to have good conversation with friends and create memories together. Wish I could’ve joined in on yours πŸ˜‰

  24. Looks like you girls have a lots of fun! I miss the road trips with my girls, because of our very busy schedule, but I vow this coming year that we will do it again, and be spontaneous! There is nothing more fun and memorable than laugh with your friends πŸ˜€

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