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Kazalala – Bel Ombre a home away from home in Mauritius

Kazalala – Bel Ombre a home away from home in Mauritius

Kazalala based in Bel Ombre in the southern part of Mauritius is a property where there is more to the story.As some who has visited Mauritius prior to this three times I have not actually ventured or stayed in this part of Mauritius before.But before we carry on with this story there is a story behind the story.

So for the last week I have been in Mauritius on a blogging conferance which included amazing workshops and content creation.Mauritius is one of my favourite islands and  I keep getting pulled back here.I am one of thirty bloggers from around the world attending.Once  I recieved my confirmation I was not too impressed about the fact that I was staying at a guesthouse as from my knowledge of guesthouses in South Africa I have  heard some rather “interesting” stories about guest house stays.But Kazalala is just something else !


Kazalala Experience

On arrival at the airport immigration in Mauritius ,I was questioned about my accomodation even though I had a confirmation letter ,as the officer had never heard of Kazalala before.Now I was starting to get a lil stressed and I knew all the other bloggers were not going to be there when I got there anyway I got through immigration and waited for my transfer.It was after 7pm and it while still boiling hot and to make matters worst my driver himself had never heard of Kazalala before  and by this time my pressure was going higher.


After a long drive through very dark windy roads this weary and stressed traveller arrived finally at her destination.Everything was quite but on the drive in I noticed a big house with beautiful hanging basket lights and for a moment I wished that the house was Kazalala but alas no.My driver unpacked my luggage and bid me good night,with great uncertanity I pulled my luggage along and within a few minutes I was greeted by the most beautiful and welcoming host Véronique who instantly helped with my luggage walked me to a Blue House with four doors and let me freshen up before she and I would have dinner together.

By this time I was tired and just wanted some food,a shower and my bed.The room is self was large and modern with old school touches.I was glad the room had an aircon that was working and was on.A quick house tour showed by my host was a common area of the house with a kitchenette ,a truth bar and a fridge stocked with glasa bottled water in After freshening up I walked back to the main part of the B&B which doubled as a breakfast and dinner venue.Included in the price is breakfast and your room only.Dinner is an additional cost of 250 rupees which is a simple buffet that is roughly R100 per person which is not bad at all.

As it towards the end of the buffet ,I was served a plated meal and a Green Island cocktail which was very welcoming after my long day.Dinner was a typical Mauritian meal with fish and chicken cooked in the traditional way.Veronique and I had a good chin wag and it honestly felt like catching up with a friend.The food and company was great but as we had an early morning pick up my bed needed me.

I got up pretty earlier got ready and headed for breakfast and to meet everyone.As I walked to breakfast I realised this was not your typical Mauritius property as we were not on the beach neither could we see the beach.The property was rather rustic and reminded me of living on a farm.A quick hot breakfast with local coffee and street snacks we headed off.

We returned rather late that evening and were welcomed by the management team and a beautifully set up table.We all freshened up and came back to dine Mauritian family style.


It was here we got to learn more about the brand and what it stands for.

What is Kazalala ?

It is a property that once formed part of the housing accomodation for a sugar plantation mill just down the road.There are 4 houses on the property which have a total of 18 rooms.The houses are painted in red,blue,green and yellow which are the colours of the Mauritian Flag.Kazalala is located at the heart of Bel Ombre, right next to Heritage Le Chateau and the award-winning Heritage Golf Club, Kaz’alala Hosted B&B is a unique lodging option in Mauritius for a different Mauritius experience.

At Kazalala the idea is to promote responsible and sustainable Travel by giving visitors a unique experience.The aim is to  preserve and promote the uniqueness of the people of Bel Ombre, their life as well as encourage the responsible development of the region in collaboration with regional all living and working here.The island is big on responsible tourism and living with recycle stations around the island,papers straws and no plastic bags.

The staff are recruited from the local area which not only reduces their carbon footprint but also enables the whole community to benefit from the economic activities of Kazalala.As a business Kazalala supports local causes such as education, skills development and local conservation projects by contributing $1 per guest per night to local Non Governmental Associations (NGOs).  This contribution enables a collaboration with Maison Familiale Rurale.  This NGO helps vulnerable young people build their professional skills and competences, followed by on-the-job training for further upskilling in the hospitality and tourism sector which is a very important identity of the island. This enables these young people to become responsible citizens, who can easily join the workforce and contribute to their families.

Now after listening to this feel good story of how Kazalala is changing lives and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism I started understanding the magic of the place.The future plans of Kazalala is to have similiar properties set up all over the island to continue the ethos and promote responsible tourism.

After that it was time to tuck into a traditional family style meal of delicious food.

On my last day on the property I got a chance to relax at the crystal clear pool on site and within minutes of me arriving Niven arrived bearing a freshly cut coconut for me to sip on.Thank you Kazalala for a truly unique experiece and showing me a different side to Mauritius.

Be Inspired !



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