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Saving for a Rainy Day with Avios

As far back as I can recall, my mum has drilled this line in my head about saving for a rainy day. A younger me never truly understood the meaning of this until I left University and started working, well more now than ever as I get older. This adult thing is hard and sometimes being a kid is so much easier when your biggest problem is who you will play with at lunchtime.

My parents opened us bank accounts from a very young age, I probably could not even count until ten then. Birthday monies and our piggy bank savings were put into our accounts religiously. I wish I had started saving as soon as I had started working and not been bedazzled by the shopping and all the pretty things. As I have gotten older I now understand the value of saving and the importance of saving for a rainy day.
Tips for a Rainy Day :
1) I never spend R5 coins. I bought myself a huge pink old-fashioned piggie box into which every R5 coin goes into. In one year I saved R1200 which I put into a savings account.
2)  Each month on payday I have a direct debit order from my account into my savings account. My savings account is used for when I travel. More than often my trips are and I have not budgeted for the travel so my saving account is my back up plan.
3) Sign up for loyalty programmes with your bank. I bank with Absa and every time I swipe my card for a transaction I get a percentage back. Roughly in a year I get cash back of about R400. Often when I am out and about with friends and it comes to paying the bill, after splitting the bill I tend to pay the entire amount and everyone then gives me their portion.
4) I have invested my Provident Fund into a Retirement Annuity into which each month a direct debit amount from my current accouny added to the account. This way I do not have to physically go into the bank and make a deposit.
5) With my Medical Aid, I have a cash back programme where a percentage of all purchases made at Dischem is credited straight into my account which means that I get cash back.
With the soaring cost of living these days, we’re all trying to find ways and means to save and make our money go so much further. Retailers are taking this into consideration and several are offering customers store loyalty cards with benefits.
We all love discounts and freebies, so in the current economic situation it makes sense to sign up to loyalty programmes. But sometimes these loyalty cards are not worth it and often you can’t spend the points on what you need. But wait for it ….I’ve found  a travel rewards programme that works.
While planning our #ExploreWC Trip, Lerato Bambo and I used our Avios points to book our flights. And we all know how expense flights can be!
What is Avios ?
Avios are travel reward points that allow you to turn your everyday spending into flights, hotel stays, cabin upgrades and more. You can collect and spend Avios with the Avios Travel Rewards Programme.
Avios 3
How does Avios really work ?
Every time you buy groceries at Pick n Pay, fill up the car at BP, use your credit card, hire a car with Avis, book hotel stays or fly with British Airways or their other air partners, you could be collecting Avios to use towards reward flights, cabin upgrades, hotels, car hire and more.
And yes it is as simple as that.
Other ways to collect Avios include:
1) Through Absa Rewards where you can convert your cash rewards into Avios.
2) By using Avis Car Rentals worldwide as car rentals can earn you Avios points.
3) Booking flights earns you Avios.
4) UCount Rewards can be converted into Avios.
The above mentioned are just a few partners of the Avios programme.
I’ve got my Avios now, what can I use them for?
1) Booking worldwide flights on British Airways and other partner airlines subject to availability.
2) Hotel accommodation domestically and internationally
3) Upgrades on British Airways flights that have been booked using cash
4) Car hire
Fly to ?
1) Most domestic routes within South Africa.
2) Via London to over 20 European destinations.
3) Flights to the Far East and the US.
All of the above are subject to availability and flying via specific airports.
Interested? Simply go to or speak to an Avios SA call centre agent on 021 427 7555. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 6.30pm; Saturday, Sundays and public holiday, 9am. – 1pm.
Signing up to the Avios Travel Rewards Programme is FREE and easy to do. Avios have now launched a mobile app which allows you to check your balances, find Avios partners and flights and book accommodation.
So saving for a rainy day is not only about physical money but also taking advantage of loyalty programmes without changing your spending habits. My Avios card will be staying in my wallet and will be used every time I shop at Pick n Pay and fill up my petrol tank up at BP. And yes, I am dreaming and longing for places I have never been to yet but with the help of Avios my wanderlust dreams can become a reality.
*This article is in partnership with Avios *
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