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#UberNam Experience saves the day !

#UberNam Experience saves the day !

I have always been a huge fan of using Uber even when I travel as it is so easy to get around and no need for language barriers. So when the team from Uber asked me to collaborate with them to try out a new affordable offering it could not have come at a better time.

So what is #UberNam ?

Uber recently launched the pilot phase of a new affordable option called UberNam (Uber with me). This new option is Uber’s effort to cater to price-sensitive riders as well as increase earning opportunities for drivers across South Africa. Currently, UberNam is only available in select areas in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town with plans to expand across South Africa in the next few weeks. A normal trip to work with Uber will cost me R100 but with UberNam it is R74 which saves me a lot!.

#UberNam Experience

With 2020 such an odd year, end of year exams happened much later and this meant we are working much later and including weekends to complete marking exams before we close for the academic year. So trialling #UberNam came at a perfect time as the weekend that passed I needed to be at work marking.

I booked my ride and was pretty impressed with all the safety features and COVID information on the app. My driver arrived promptly and wore a mask properly which put me at ease. Before entering, I sanitised my hands and had my mask on before I even left my flat and once inside I sanitised again. The car was spotless and I did notice that there was a bottle of sanitiser in the front of the Uber. All through the trip, I had a pleasant chat with my driver. I arrived safely at work and used the contactless method of payment which is perfect in these COVID times. At all times, I felt safe on my journey and I look forward to using #UberNam when I do need to go out and save money at the same time.

Uber Safety Features 

As a woman in South, Africa safety is a definite concern but when using Uber I feel safe. I feel safe because I know prior to my ride arriving I know the car, the driver and the registration plates. This information I share immediately with my mum or a friend.


In terms of COVID protocol, I feel safe knowing that Uber has in place measures that adhere to the standards of the WHO council. Having a contactless payment system makes things so much safer in terms of carrying cash and exchanging cash for services. The fact that all drivers are wearing a mask and visible sanitiser is on hand, makes me feel more protected as well. he fact that I can cancel my ride if my driver is not wearing a mask is another added safety measure I love and the driver can do the same if a rider isn’t wearing a mask.

These are just a few of the Uber safety features that are in place and make me feel safer when booking an Uber ride.

Have you used Uber before? Would you use #UberNam?

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