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KOO Beetroot has 2 new surprises !

KOO Beetroot has 2 new surprises !

Over the last few year beetroot has become rather popular around the globe and become a superfood that has been transformed into many delishes food dishes.The humble beetroot has evolved from just a salad to become smoothies ,hummus ,chips and wait for it Beetroot Brownies.

I recall as a kid beetroot a salad at functions always bought fresh,boiled and then grated or cubed doused in vinegar with onions and served.But I also recall getting beetroot stains on my clothing that mum was not impressed with.We were always told as kids to eat beetroot it is good for you ! As an adult now I know why !

Why should you eat Beetroot ?

1.High in Fiber

2.Rich in Iron

3.Contain Vitamin C and B

4.Good source of Potassium

5.Keep your blood pressure in check.

6.May fight inflammation.

7.Prevents anaemia.

8.Protects the liver.

9. Improve appearance of skin.

10.Boost brain power.

But with all these fantastic benefits we can not always go to the store for fresh Beetroots …Now enter KOO, a much loved South African food brand well known for making life in the kitchen easier and producing quality products.

Step aside and make some room please, flavour has arrived. KOO, one of South Africa’s most loved food brands has launched the new KOO Diced Beetroot which comes in Mrs H. S Balls Chutney Sauce as well as in Spicy Chutney Flavoured Sauce. The new product offerings cater for our ever fast-paced lives, taking away the mess and fuss that comes with preparing beetroot which we know and hate, while delivering on taste just like the one made in our family kitchens.Team KOO are incredibly excited to be adding the new KOO Diced Beetroot in Mrs H.S Balls 2products. Innovation is one of the key attributes of the KOO brand and over the years, we have been able to deliver on the needs of our loyal customers, by switching things up and adding some excitement and flavour infusions to the plate and this latest product is on different,” said KOO Marketing Manager, Neo Dikamotse.As a trusted partner in today’s world, KOO knows that very few people have time to cook for hours, consumers are looking for convenience, while at the same time they are not willing to compromise on taste. The new ready-to-eat KOO Diced Beetroot flavoured beets are an extension of KOO’s simple & convenient products which can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything else foodie fans can dream up! The product is as fresh and delicious, as the one made at home without the hustle and the drama of long preparation times.

 South Africans do love Mrs Balls Chutney so a combination like this is most definately a winner.I have a few ideas up my sleeve as to how I can use the KOO Beetroot products over the festive season.The Team at KOO kindly gifted me both these new products with some LeCreuset goodies.Are you a fan of beetroot ? How do you use beetroot? Would you be keen to try these two out ?


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