Sterkinekor BrandFail

Two weeks ago on a Tuesday, my brother a friend and I decided to go to the movies.We rarely have time to do so , we choose to visit Sterkinekor situated at Gateway.I was very keen to try out the Prestige/Imax experience.We arrived at 7:45pm for the 8:15pm show only to be greeted by a long line of people waiting to get tickets.There was only 1 person working at the till point.We waited patiently and at 8pm we finally bought our tickets which for 3 came to over R280 now that’s kinda steep without refreshments
The escalators to the movies were not working so we had to walk up on arrival we were greeted by three huge lines of movie goers all waiting to buy their treats.There were only 3 people working on the counter by this time it was 8:10pm. At this time I was tweeting the Sterkinekor Twitter handle but got no response.It was at this point we decided to forget the movies and head to dinner instead.While making our way down we heard there was no popcorn.
We stood again in a long line to get a refund, there were now 2 people serving customers.When it was our turn the manager on duty was reprimanding a member of staff infront us and then asked us to go to another counter.We asked for a refund and complained about the lack of service only to be told so many staff were off
Now technically how is it the customers problem if staff are off.Is there no back plan ? Is there no standby staff? Would it be better to close the cinema if you can’t deliver service? This experience left a bitter taste in my mouth.
The next morning on Twitter I found out that this service often happens at Gateway branch and that @Sterkinekor never responds to customers tweets/concerns.To me this is a defo brandfail and the company handling the Social Media platforms need to outsource the work if they can’t do it.
I tweeted Gateway who then asked me to email them my concerns.I was told last week my email has been escalated and o would be hearing from Sterkinekor directly.Till now no communication from Sterkinekor at all.So this is defo a #BrandFail!
Have you experienced any problems before with this brand?

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