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The story of Me and the 30 day Blogging Challenge

Roughly a month ago, I decided to sign up to the 30 day Blogging Challenge by Sark eMedia. And boy oh boy has it been a fantastic 30 days. Never did I think that Today I would be writing post 30 of the challenge. YAY me !
30 Day Blogging Challenge
I learnt several important things about blogging and myself during this challenge. But before I share my lessons with you ,I need to thank both Sarah and Kevin Arrow for creating and supporting all bloggers from around the world with the priceless tool. I feel like a butterfly who has learnt to fly and for that Sarah and Kevin I am eternally grateful.
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10 Lessons learnt from the 30 day Blogging Challenge :

  1. Producing content and publishing posts daily. Personally I struggle to publish more than 3 times a week but hey I did more this month. The only time this month I did not publish was for 4 days when my site was down. I felt so down about not blogging.
  2. I learnt about the value of writing a decent comment and commenting on blog posts. This creates traffic to your blog.
  3. Time , I found the time to blog daily and there were no excuses. I have found early morning or late evening are my most productive blogging times.
  4. Read more …I have started reading new blogs from around the world.Each different to mine and from different niches.With each post I learn something new on a daily basis.
  5. Community ,within the 30 day Challenge group there is a sense of community. It makes me feel that I have another group of Cheerleaders in my life.
  6. My writing inspires others this is something that is very important to me and I am so humbled that my blog is reaching so many people around the world.
  7. It is ok not to blog when you are  not feeling inspired. During the challenge I have read several posts on how to deal with Bloggers Block so defo will be using these.
  8. Determination, I often get rather excited about something new or novel in my life. But with time I lose all interest and it is forgotten. NOT this time I stuck to it and yes I am more determined to continue and do the challenge again.
  9. I have so much to share with others and that my blog is the perfect platform to do this.

10.My blog is just the start of endless possibilities for me and I just need to keep on blogging.
I love my blog
To all the amazing bloggers I have met on the challenge :

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments.
  2. Thank you for creating amazing content.

3.Thank you for welcoming me into the 30 day Challenge family.
Personally ,I feel that my blogging journey is just starting. So here’s to many more blog posts,new adventures and learning from other bloggers around the world. During the last 30 Days my blog stats have been incredible with close on 9000 views. Thank you to all my readers, you inspire me to write daily.
If you are a blogger a newbie or veteran, I suggest strongly that you sign up to the 30 day Blog Challenge. You will see your blog in a whole different light. SIGN up here
Which are you favourite posts of mine during the last 30 days ?
Be Inspired !
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