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Tired ? Stressed ? Read this NOW

The rat race of life brings us stress in all forms on a daily basis. Stress has a negative impact on your body and eventually burnout happens. The first half of this year has been crazy busy with just so much going on. At times I feel like I am on a never-ending rollercoaster.
Everyone always talks about the amazing Mangwanani African Spa Full day package. I have in the past experienced some of their Spa treatments but never a full day of pampering. Over the festive season as a Brand Ambassador of the Spa ,I was gifted some voucher to pamper myself. I decided to make it a family day with mum and my aunt and aunt from London. The Spa Package I chose was the African Revitalisation Day Spa.
mangwanani 2
A full day package needs to be booked in advance. As always I googled and found out about exactly what the day would be like and I knew we would be in for some true African pampering.

Tips for your Spa Day :

  1. Carry a spare change of clothing.
  2. A hairband to tie up your hair.
  3. Costume for the jacuzzi and pool.
  4. A hairbrush.
  5. A small bag to carry your keys and phone with you like a cosmetic bag.

Mangwanani Spa Sibaya
We arrived at half 8 in the morning at the Sibaya Casino Mangwanani branch. Following the signposts we arrived at what would only describe as an African village. The sounds of the soothing drumbeats welcomed us into the village as well as the friendly faces.
Mangwanani Spa Breakfast
Breakfast was the start of the daily which was oh so healthy and nutritious. Muffins,fresh fruit salad and juice beautifully presented filled our tummies. We each had to fill out a client card with our details which we had to carry to each treatment. The day consisted of 7 treatments and lunch.
Mangwanani Spa

7 Spa Treatments :

  1. UBUSO – a facial spa with pressure point massage. This is not a beauty facial.
  2. TLHAPISO – dry body brushing or full body exfoliation.
  3. IZIMANGO – full body massage with Hot Stone.
  4. NEO MAOTA – Royal foot massage from toes to knees which includes exfoliation and oil massage.
  5. MOLALA – African head,neck and shoulder massage.
  6. NEO MATSOGO – Royal Hand massage from fingers to elbow.Includes exfoliation and massage.
  7. Jacuzzi -perfect way to just relax

After each treatment of roughly an hour a soft beating of the drum indicated that the treatment was over and we needed to head back to the restaurant. Each time we came back we were given water with either lemon,strawberries or mint. It is very important to drink lots of water during and after a massage to get rid of toxins.
Mangwanani Spa Lunch potjie
In the morning during breakfast, we were given the lunch options which included potjies (traditional South African dish cooked in a cast iron pot over the fire.Includes meat and veg). Bubbly was also offered so as I was in Birthday mode I decided why not. After a delish potjie a selection of desserts were offered. And then a special African birthday song and dance was done for all those celebrating and each was presented with a voucher and a cupcake.
Mangwanani Spa Birthday cupcake
After a full day of pampering I felt I was ready to take on the year ahead of me and felt almost brand new. That night I took two painkillers before bed as I have very bad knots in my neck and shoulders and slept like a baby.

What did I love about my full day Spa ?

  1.  I got to spend quality time with my loved ones.
  2. I had a day of very limited Social Media which was a great digital detox.
  3. The environment was so calming and relaxing.
  4. The African Village setup made me feel as if I was in another world.
  5. The fantastic pampering that made this day so special.

Mangwanani African Spa has a wide variety of packages to suit all pockets and can be found in various parts of South Africa. For more information check out
What do you do when you are stressed ? Have you spent a day at a Spa ?
Be Inspired !
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