Rainy Days….

I got up this morning to a cool, dull and rainy Durban.Immediately the weather brought back memories of living in London for me.As most of you already know living in London was an amazing experience for me something I will treasure for all the days of my life.
Rainy days what do they mean to me ….
1) Reminds me of London.
2)Jumping in rain puddles as a kid.
3)Romantic notion of kissing in the rain.(TO DO List)
4)Snuggling up in pjs watching movies and eating popcorn.
5)Mother Nature having a shower.
6)A chance for new life , new growth.
7)Standing in a line in Brighton waiting to get into an Irish Pub for ST.Patricks Day and David Gray playing in the background.
Days like today , I really dont want to go to work 🙂

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