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Ladies : The first step to channel your Goddess

Within each of us amazingly souls,there is a Goddess waiting patiently to reveal herself to you. The last week I have being making peace with my Goddess and letting her work her magic. It seems that the SpiceGoddess was letting her Indian roots and Goddess take over me.

Goddess Quote

From Tuesday a Hindu prayer called Navarathri has begun. It is a nine day prayer/fast that is observed to the Mother or female aspect of God called the Goddess. During these nine days prayers are offered to the Goddess for good health and blessings. I have never done this prayer before but this year as it was falling with the Purtassi fast ,I have decided to observe this prayer. On Tuesday morning after having a shower I decided that for the next nine days I would dress in traditional attire for work. I only wear Traditional clothing on special prayer days. So I got ready for work wearing a Punjabi which is a North Indian outfit which is basically a dress worn over a pair of pants/trousers with a scarf. I donned on my traditional Indian jewellery ,a bindi (dot) and put a flower into my hair. Getting dressed I felt empowered almost like a Goddess. I also put on the special bangle that I had recieved from a priest in Mauritius from a temple dedicated to the Goddess,the bangle was taken off the hand of a statue of the Goddess and given to me.I felt very blessed to have recieved this gift as it seemed that the Goddess had picked me. I then performed my prayer rituals and off I went to work. During the course of the day I recieved so many compliments and it made me feel so confident. I felt almost invincible and I felt the Goddess in me had risen.

Typical day as an Indian Girl


So what has what I wore or what I did got to do with the title of this blog post?? As women we need to reconnect to the Goddess within each of us. YES she is there struggling to come out. The first step is to dress like the Goddess you are ,feel your powers and work your magic. We often get to busy and carried away with work and life that we forget about our appearance and neglect our Goddess. I personally dont change my wardrobe and rarely wear makeup to work. This past week has taught me that only a few changes and instantly my inner Goddess comes out to play. Yesterday in conversation with a male friend, he told me of a female client who had not appropriately dressed for an important meeting and how it had negatively impacted on the outcome. This was the motivation for this post and why I need to remind all you beautifulwomen of the world to let your Goddess shine. It is true what they say a first impression is a lasting impression and can make or break a deal.


So ladies here are my 8 pearls of wisdom to harness your inner Goddess :

  1. Dress to impress.
  2. Pay attention to detail nails,makeup and hair.
  3. Find out what clothing suits your body shape and size and buy it.
  4. Black always works and looks good on everyone. You can never have enough black in your wardrobe.
  5. Invest in a well cut and fitted black suit or a blazer which can be worn over a dress.
  6. Buy a good quality handbag for meetings and interviews.
  7. Dress for the occasion i.e what your wear for lunch with your friends is not suitable for an interview.
  8. Accessories are important and pull an outfit together. Pick pieces that are versatile and suit you.

OK so now you look amazing make sure you smile. Let your Goddess shine. Be confident. I find that when I am all dressed up I feel almost like a Super Hero with my invisible cloak on. The last week I have awoken my Indian Goddess and boy oh boy I am loving every minute with her.
Do you have any tips/suggestions to awaken our Goddess ?Any tips to dress like a Goddess. I hope this post has inspired you to step back and make wiser decisions with what we decide to wear. The world needs to see the Goddess that you are….. so go on and shine.
Be Inspired !
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10 thoughts on “Ladies : The first step to channel your Goddess

  1. Great post as always!
    I find your blog to be so positive! As a depression sufferer for many years (I won’t go into the details…) I find it so hard to be positive… and see myself in a positive light, because, well, I really don’t…
    I just want to thank you, because reading your blog makes me feel a little better when I am down. And that’s an amazing thing! There simply isnt enough positivity in the world…
    (I was wondering if by any chance, you could write a post on your thoughts about how to deal with depression/brokeness? Is this something youve ever felt in your life? Im not sure if this is wrong for me to ask, but i always feel like nobody understands me, and very few people understand depression. I almost cannot confide in anyone… and I feel that talking about it or mentioning it sometimes on my facebook, those “friends” many of whom i dont know well, judge me harshly for it… I just feel so alone you know.. Im sorry if this is too much for you to handle. I dont mean to burden you or your blog… I want to write my own blog. i used to have a blog, but i deleted it… I just feel so afraid of being judged. people are always judging me and they dont even know me… πŸ™ Im sorry for all this, i just feel really down today…)

    1. Hey Aarthi
      Thank you for your lovely comment.Be strong find beauty in the small things and be grateful for everything.Thanks for the topic suggestions will add to my list.You should blog as writing is a form of therapy.I recently started adult colouring and love it try it out.Sending you love and light x

  2. You are beautiful!! The tips you offer are certainly true! We all need to be paying attention to how we are feeling about ourselves. I need to work on paying attention to the details! A bit of a slacker in that area!

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