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Guy Fawkes Memory

Life is made up of a million memories good and bad.My most striking memory of Guy Fawkes happened in 2009 in London with my dear friend Rob.For years of living in London , I have heard of the amazing Fireworks display that happened every Guy Fawkes in Alexander Palace.
At work I told my friends about wanting to go everyone was keen to meet that Saturday and go to see the Fireworks.But that Saturday morning most people cancelled except for Rob.We both were rather excited for this adventure so we togged up warmly as it was in the middle of winter.
What awaited us was nothing we had anticipated.Rob and I were a lil concerned on finding our way to the place.As we got out of the Tube Station it felt as if we were on a pilgrimage, there was what felt like millions of people just walking and following each other.We had to just continue walking or be trampled in the stampede, the walk up the hill literally felt like the long walk to freedom with no end in sight.Rob told me to hold his hand in fear that we would be seperated in the crowds amongst us.I was also concerned about been mugged.
As we got up the hill it became very dark as we entered Alexandra Palace.It was like walking in a forest.I kept telling Rob “Omgosh what did we let ourselves into?!?” Rob was “Come on we almost there, there is no turning back.We finally got to the open clearing that was like a fun fair filled with rides, stalls and bright lights.We found a spot and got ready to watch the Vision of lights.
The display was literally out of this world, the colours, shapes and sounds left our senses bedazzled.We kept telling each look there ! Wow! Gorgeous ! This display went on for an hour.Rob and I turned to each other and said “I am so glad we came” The journey down the hill was much easier than the trek up.It defo goes down in my books as a great experience.
Meeting with Rob during my recent stint in London.We both spoke about this adventure.It saddened me to find out that 2009 was the last time there was a Fireworks Display in Alexander Palace.I am so glad I got to share this memory with my dear friend Rob.

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