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Strawberries Galore ! Redberry Farm in George

Strawberries Galore ! Redberry Farm in George

Situated 4KM  from George Airport , you will find Strawberry paradise at Redberry Farm. And before you say strawberries are seasonal HOLD UP as the farm grows five different types of berries and they are grown all year round.

Walking into the strawberry heaven it feels as if one is transported to almost a magical place where everything is Strawberry wait everything really is and the gigantic Strawberry can be seen from all parts of the farm. Entrance to Redberry Farm is free and you pay only for the actual activities you want so that means you can stick to your budget.The pricing of activities range from R10 to R50.I landed in Redberry Farm as part of my Shotleft #GimmeSummerShotleft travels and as it was my first time I was totally in awe of the set up and how beautiful the farm was. Redberry Farm is the perfect stop over or family activity please note that no pets allowed only guide dogs.There is also self catering accommodation on the property with a minimum two night stay.


We arrived in George and headed straight to Redberry Farm for a light breakfast as we left Johannesburg very early that morning.Walking into ths farm felt as if I truly walking into a childhood memory.The farm has ample signage indicating where everything is.And yes the gigantic strawberry kind of calls you to it lol.The cafe is perfectly situated with indoor and outdoor seating areas.We opted for some long tables on the deck with some shade.I was not prepared for the menu !

Everything on the menu had some version of strawberry incorporated into it.It did take me ages to decide and eventually I opted for the strawberry lemonade to drink and strawberry waffle was calling out my name.The prices were very reasonable with good portion sizes .While waiting for our food we wandered around creating content.The farm started  filling up with local school kids on an excursion there were also lots of retired folk popping in for a bite to eat.

After indulging and overdosing on Strawberries we channelled our inner child and headed off to the Redberry Express which is roughly 5min and costs R20 a person.Such a cool activity for big and small kids.Then it was off to explore the Hedge Maze which is 10km maze with seven stations and a 25m underground tunnel.Roughly will take an hour to complete and children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.It can get rather hot so sunscreen ,a hot and a bottle of water is a must.Due to time constraints we did not do the entire maze but a short cut to the viewing deck what a view !

The Giant Strawberry is the jewel of Redberry Farm  and is said to be the largest in the world.It kind of reminds me of them strawberry sweets.The Giant Strawberry is standing tall at 14.5m and 8.5m wide.  Visitors will be able to climb to the top of the Giant Strawberry with a spiral staircase inside. One can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Outeniqua Mountains, strawberry fields and surrounding farms. This new tourist attraction is said to become a landmark in George and will promote the area as one of the leading strawberry growing regions in South Africa.And at just R50 a person it is defo an activity you should consider doing.But even if you do not go up the strawberry you can get some pretty epic photos.

The last activity that is a defo must is Strawberry picking.Containers are purchased on site with a small one costing R25 and a large one R40.Such a great family activity especially for the little ones to understand their food and where it comes.RedBerry Farm is definately a stop on your roadtrip as it is budget friendly and has something to keep  everyone happy.

As a local it is important for us to explore and support local especially after Covid19.Travel is for everyone and the best way is to start in your local area with day trips and packed picnic baskets.This summer do a Shotleft and see what an amazing country we live in.

Stay tuned for more on our #GimmeSummerShotleft trip.

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