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2023 Another chance !

2023 Another chance !

Happy New Year !

May 2023 be a year that brings you peace,happiness and contentment.

2023 Another Chance



The start of every New Year is the opportunity to start over and the chance to improve ourselves.Growing up everyone kept going on about resolutions for the New Year and it honestly felt like so much pressure deciding on something and then sticking to it.Over the years I have preffered using the word Goals and have come to the realisation that never giving up and trying again are not bad things.

Since 2020 ,the world stopped and gave us time to reflect and work on ourselves.I used that time to focus on my faith ,my content creation ,took up a new hobby and cooking.So using all that I have learnt in the past two years ,I have decided that my 2023 Goals will be focused on making me happy.



2023 Goals :

1.It is OKAY to say NO and you do not need to explain why.

2.Be open to new opportunities and go with your gut feeling.

3.Protect your peace and energy be walking away or blocking out the noise.

4.Be kinder to yourself.

5.Be mindful of all you consume from food ,books you read ,social media and even what you watch.

6.SAVE ! everything and curb wastage on food ,electricity,water,time ,money and recycle more.

7.Set a reading goal for the year and commit to reading daily.

8.Strengthen my relationship with God.

9.Be happy not just strong.

10.Work smart and be organised from the start.

Many of my Goals are very basic and simple but often we need a reminder staring us in the face to be a constant reminder.2023 is the year I want be happy ,spread happiness and just live.We get too caught up in the rat race of life that we often forget that we need to slow down and breathe.

Life is not a competition about who has more things ,who travelled more ,who ate out at fancy places ,who was invited to which event BUT rather a journey which one must do at their own pace with the resources one has.Just live ,enjoy the moment and memories not everything has to be shared on social media instantly.Often many people are confused about where I am as I often post weeks or months later so take those pics and videos for your cupboard of happiness.

Years ago I spoke about the Cupboard of Happiness and often I need to remind myself to deposit and withdraw happiness when I am having a beautiful/down day.A Cupboard of Happiness is basically like a vault where we store our happy moments and memories be it coffee dates with friends ,special birthdays ,travel memories,attending a concert ,watching live sport ,watching a sunrise or falling in love and the list is endless.

So on days when you are feeling down pull out a memory and let it bring you that joy of the moment and let me tell you it is an instant pick me up.Sometimes it is a place ,a song ,a movie ,a scent or a specific meal ( like biryani) that brings that smile to life.Your happiness and peace should never be a person as people leave ,people change so therefore it is up to you to find your happiness and add it to your cupboard for when you need it.

2023 Another Chance


I do feel calmer as I rested over the holidays and I feel positive about the year ahead knowing that starting over several times is not a bad thing.I am ready to take on 2023 and all the lessons and blessings she brings with her.

May 2023 be another chance for endless possibilities and who knows even love ….


Much love




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