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#MissionSamsung SHOT OF THE DAY 4

Today my mission was to showcase the wide angle functionality of the NX300.
My picture has a story behind it. I went off to the beach during the week enjoying the last few days of summer before winter set in. But living in Durban means that even though its winter we still have beach days.
My picture is taken at the famous Tiger Rocks in Isipingo Beach which is South of Durban central. The legend behind the name of this area is that once upon a time it was common to see Tigers on the Rocks at this specific beach. I managed to capture man made in the form of the paddling pools against mother nature.
The coastline was also caught in this picture as well as some of the flats along the beach. Its kinda awesome to see so many cars parked off at the beach on a Monday afternoon enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.
As I look at this picture I can picture in my mind Tigers prancing around the shoreline, I keep looking at this picture in hope of seeing a shadow of a Tiger.
I am loving my #MissionSamsung journey and the new set of eyes it has given me.I am looking at my world differently.

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