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#MissionSamsung PHOTO OF THE DAY 3

For this challenge we were asked to take an EXTREME CLOSE UP picture using the zoom lens.
This picture is of a chilli plant that is growing in my garden. My mum and gran both have green fingers, I on the other hand prefer receiving flowers and not messing up my nails by pottering around in the garden.
I love this picture, as the colours of the baby chillies are so vibrant against the green leaves. The shape of these baby chillies are rather different as I always assumed chillies grew differently.
It was only by using the zoom lens feature was I able to discover this beauty growing in my back garden. My shot of the day was taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.
Each day for me is becoming rather special planning my photos for my mission and seeing the world differently through the lens of camera.
Hope you have a had a Wonderful Wednesday and do look out for more pics in my missions this week.

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