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#MissionSamsung SHOT OF THE DAY 2

Today my mission was to capture a “speed shot”. I had to use the manual mode and the highest shutter speed on the camera to complete the task. The examples given were to capture a picture of anything moving from a car to an animal.
So last night I had to think of where my day would lead me and how best to complete this mission. As it is exam season, I had finished work at 1pm today and mum and I headed off for a bit of retail therapy. We went to our local mall in Toti called Galleria. After thinking about all the moving things in the mall I had decided on the escalator of the water feature.
As an Arian star sign, the sound and sight of water seems to calm me. The mall has a rather lovely water feature in its food court so that was my focus today. There were different speeds of water in this feature which created ripples and the pipes in the feature allowed the water to gush out at a higher speed and the steps in slowed down the water.
My “SHOT OF THE DAY” of Speed was taken with the @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.
I am really loving the challenges each daily and learning more about photography. The NX300 is an amazing camera and yes when it comes time to return it there will be tears.
Hope you all have had a Terrific Tuesday.

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