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My week in the #MissionSamsung Challenge.

So last week was week 1 in my #MissionSamsung challenge, for each day of the week I had to take a picture using one of the many features of this amazing NX300 Samsung Camera.
I normally takes pics on my phone but its always been a passion to be a photographer. Part of being a blogger means being a photographer as a well taken picture is definitely worth a thousand word. This #MissionSamsung challenge has given me the chance to explore life through the lens of a camera.
Each day after work I went on missions around my area looking for photo opportunities and snapping away.Its funny how many people automatically assumed I was a journalist on a story !
This week has made me fall in love with photography and understand how amazing pictures can change your blog.Next week’s challenges have arrrived I have 3 missions only showing off more features of my new crush #NX300.
If you have missed out these weeks pics do have a look 🙂
Hope you are having a relaxing weekend

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