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#MissionSamsung SHOT OF THE DAY WEEK 2 DAY 1

I was pretty excited when I received the email with my challenges for the upcoming week. This meant I had time to play around and as I was only given 3 challenges this meant I had time to find the perfect picture.
My challenge was SOMETHING BLUE. I had to use the partial colour feature on the NX300 Smart Camera, find something blue to photograph. I had to then make sure that the blue item was featured and the rest of the shot is black and white.
I took this picture as we were exiting the infamous Island Hotel. This establishment has been refurbished and given new life after fifty years. It is well known for its amazing bunny chows. I thought this was rather cool as the car looks like a vintage model against the snazzy new signage.
I am totally loving how each task is making me use another feature, learning what makes a good picture and just seeing my world differently. Do look out for my other 2 challenges this week.
“Vintage Blue” taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart Camera using the Partial colour feature.
Have an amazing week ahead with all sorts of wonderful

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