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Mother's Day Reflections

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in South Africa. The stores were filled with all shades of Pink and it was all very visible and you could not forget this day.
Mother's Day - Pink Flowers
As I grow older, my thoughts and ideas about the world change. I do not want to be  told when I should celebrate something. I like to go against the norm and YES I feel the same about Love Day.
Life is way too short to appreciate your Mother on only Mother’s Day, this should be done all year round. In general make her feel loved and cherished all the time with even the smallest gestures. Since moving back home after missing several Mother’s Days I love been around my mum and gran.They are both my pillars of strength ,my sounding boards and they put up with my craziness.
My cousin suggested we do Mother’s Day Breakfast just mums,daughters and gran. We opted for a Saturday instead of on the day. A beautiful morning of good food,good company and lots of laughter was the order of the day. Since Saturday we have decided to do this breakfast date once a month and I am already looking forward to next month. With the rat race of life we get caught up and often we do not get a chance to catch up with.Breakfast Pre Mother's Day
During the years I lived abroad I was fortunate to have crossed paths with some pretty amazing women Renske, Justyna,Lara ,Sahera and Viviene. These phenomenal women nurtured me ,took me into their homes and provided me with so much of love. Ladies I appreciate you all and love you for all that you have blessed  me with and continue to do over the miles.
Lara once told me about an Old African Proverb.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

This makes so much sense, we all play a role raising a child even if the child is no blood relation to us. Looking back I was that child that the village raised. Coming from a large extended Indian family meant I had a bevy of Aunts and Grannys each nurturing me and spoiling me as I am the eldest grandchild of the family. Even now as an adult I still experience this love.
New Mother's Day
I feel rather blessed to have so many phenomenal women in my corner looking after me on all levels of my life. Their lessons and experiences have moulded me into the woman I am today and will remain with me for all time.

“Ladies of my tribe ,you inspire me daily with your strength,courage and warmth. I hope someday to become a Mother to my own children and instill in them all that you have generously given me. From the bottom of my heart with so much love and gratitude I thank you for your presence in my life.”

So yes Mother’s Day is over but let us appreciate the women of our tribe all the time.

Things to show your appreciation :

  1. Make that phone call just to say Hello and find out how your Mum is doing. Do not call her because you need a favour only.
  2. Visit her and take her a bunch of her favourite flowers.
  3. Cook her favourite meal for her or even take her out for a meal.
  4. Take her to the movies and let her pick the movie she wants to watch.
  5. Make her a cup of tea/coffee ,give her the TV remote and let her watch her soapies in peace.

Celebrate Mother’s Day all year round and not just in the month of May. These amazing women need more than just one day to thank them for the million roles they play in our lives.
What is your take on Mother’s Day , I would love to hear your thoughts?
Be Inspired !
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