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Life Update 20.1- The Covid19 Diary

Life Update 20.1- The Covid19 Diary

I was in two minds for ages about writing this post but then I realised that it is a part of my life that I need to document for future generations.

Life as we all know it has changed for every single human around the globe.It seems that everything has stopped and we have had to restart due to Covid19.Every person reading this has been affected by the new normal  of how Covid19 changed their lives.

I became aware of Corona/Covid19 from early January starting in various parts of the parts and honestly I did not think it would literally cancel out 2020 and so much would just be put on hold.Every single part of our lives have changed from the way we pray,mourn,shop,wear and even what we can drink.My first travel experience with some Covid19 practices put into place was when I travelled to Mauritius for Maha Shivarathri.Temperature scanners on exiting South Africa and arrival in Mauritius.Little did I think that ,that trip would be my first and last international trip for 2020.

When I returned from Mauritius I started seeing online how fast Corna was spreading in Europe and Asia.Mum and I did abit of panic buying in terms of non perishable groceries with a long shelflife.Not into 2 weeks of my return a National Lockdown was put into place.But a week earlier schools,colleges and Universities were closed.Teaching and learning came to a halt as we started facing bigger battles of loss of jobs,death and illness.The lockdown imposed on South Africans included the banning of Alcohol and Tobacco sales,curfew times,only essential stores opened for food and medication ,places of worship closed and no takeaways.It felt like a shock to the system and literally the entire world changed over night.

The first two weeks took some adjusting in terms of sleeping patterns and how we would spend the day.But soon we had a routine and we embraced the changes lockdown had brought to our lives.Balancing my job as a lecturer and running a full time can be exhausting not forgetting all the travelling inbetween and YES 2019 was jampacked and the break was rather welcome to be honest.

Our new daily routines included :

1.Getting up later.

2.Intermittemt Fasting.


4.Cooking meals from scratch and eating two meals a day.

5.Afternoon coffee on the balcony.


7.Taking Vitamins

8.Afternoon siestas sometimes.

9.Talking to loved ones !

10.Talking to each other.

Without the distractions or noise of the world we we taken back to the basics of life and were given numerous life lessons that would mould our character and how we would lead our lives going forward.Who knew wearing a mask would be apart of our daily life and disinfecting would become such a serious task.My first shopping trip out in Covid19 made me very anxious and lead to me actually writing a blog post on Shopping & Meal Planning during these times.

As I was not travelling I started focusing on the food aspect of my blog and even started a second Instagram account.I hope you are following my Foodie adventures here.

Lockdown and Covid has been very heartbreaking for us as a family as we had my uncle and aunt pass away from Covid.As a very supportive family unit ,it was extremely hard to mourn our loss and say our final goodbyes especially due to the restrictions for funerals.We had to watch a Zoom  setup for both funerals leaving us broken and not been able to actually process our grief.

As for work things are so different we literally go in teach and leave.There are no opportunities to actually see your friends it is just a wave as we pass each other by.In terms of the blog there are no events and travel for now.But instead online launches and media drop off packages.As someone with a full time job I often missed out events but now online works for me.I actually even went on a Virtual Media Trip to Victoria Falls ,it was amazing and is defo a place I want to visit.We got to see and interact with staff and beautiful spaces out there.I guess our other senses do get heightened and that is what makes a virtual experience so amazing.

In terms of travel local travel is now the big trend especially as we can not leave South Africa.It is now time to travel local and buy local.

Some highlights of 2020 include:

1.Working on an amazing campaign for FrysFamily and wait for it getting a full page advert sharing my recipe in the newspaper.

2.Heading off on the #MazdaVirtualRoadTrip was the first time we left home in 4 months for a roadtrip.

3.Getting to experience Maha Shivarathri in Mauritius.

4.Having a food campaign I worked on appear in a full page advert in a local newspaper.

5.During this time I have had the amazing opportunity of working with some fantastic local brands and small business.


Lockdown & Covid19 Lessons :

This time has taught me so much about life and myself that I am really grateful for the time of learning :

1.I enjoy my own company and that is OK.

2 . I am not high maintenance and I love it.Been doing at home treatments and finally had a haircut last week 9 months later.

3.I love homecooked meals and enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

4.People I huge curve especially about who actually and really cares for you.A small tribe is tje best tribe.

5.Create memories when you can !

6.Make that call ,send that message before it becomes to late.

7.Take more pictures.

8.Every now and then a social  detox is needed and the world will still be there.

9.Support local business and local bloggers and creatives.

10.Never forget that you matter and your self care and mental health is important.


I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today wiser I am changing myself”- RUMI

I got home with an intense headache that turned into a migraine.This was brought on by several factors including wearing a mask for too long ,not drinking enough water and ofcourse stress.

I came home ate pizza ,drank tea and went to bed.My body does feel run down and exhausted and needed to rest.

At the moment –

Life should not only be lived but it should be celebrated.”-osho

I am home today as my head is not too good but I did pop off to get a Vitamin B jab that will make me feel better.I am dreaming of travelling ! My latest thing is Netflix  …..yes I know a bit late to the game will be sharing a list of what I am watching.I am finding it hard to sleep so will need to find a way to get into a routine.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt

Sitting in the sunshine sipping on tea in my favourite mug while finishing off this post.Enjoying the sunshine and birds chirping while planning a new dish I will be cooking later today.A delivery of amazing vegetables arrived from the MarketBox so now I am busy helping Mum to clean some veg a box of amazing Indian vegetables do check them out.

These days –

life for me these days is a lot about letting the unknown be wonderful”- Ann Hathaway

These days time seems to fly these and I seem to not have enough hours in my day.I always seem to have so much to do these days and my to do list keeps on growing.I miss my loved ones especially during this month of Purtassi.I am planning my travels but at the moment I am cooking up a storm and eating my way through recipe books.

I know –

“I know who I am.I am not perfect.I am not the most beautiful woman in the world. but I am one of them.” – Mary J Blige

I know this too shall pass but in the mean time I need to learn a new way of living.Better days will come but until then I will eat better,prayer more and be a better human.With Lockdown I know who my supporters are and those who believe in me.This time has given me so much clarity and direction that it is amazing and so refreshing.

I am convinced –

the secret of getting ahead, is getting started.”-Mark Twain

That Covid was what we needed to literally hit the reset to factory settings on our lives.And to become more aware of how we actually live ,eat ,pray and maintain the relationships in our lives.

Better days are coming but for that to happen we need to follow the rules of social distancing,wearing a mask and washing your hands.Wearing a mask is going to be the new accessory so you might as well invest in buying some as we will be wearing then for atleast the next year.

I wish –

you are never given a wish without also been given the power to make it come to true.”

That I had said YES a whole lot more before Lockdown and Covid19 changed my life.One of the challenges I set myself in terms of my work and this blog was to become more proactive and not wait for things to happen but to go out there and actually be active on my Social Media platforms and just create content.

With that mindset so many opportunties started knocking on my door based on my hard work and dedication to my brand and my #SpiceGoddessFamily.Wishing you all good health and I hope to see my loved ones soon.

Dearest 2020

Boy oh Boy ! What a year you have turned out to be.Never in a million years did anyone think a new decade would be this way and how we would be living in a whole new way.

Time however has totally flown by and just 2 months of 2020 remain.I am exhausted 2020  emotionally and physically and look forward to closing the door on 2020.Be KIND 2020 ,we all need to see out this year in good health  ,mentally and physically.

Let me know about your Lockdown experience.

Be Inspired !



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