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As the chapter of 2019 come to an end it is time to reflect on the decade

As the chapter of 2019 come to an end it is time to reflect on the decade

2019 has been one of incredibly busy years like none before.It has been filled with so many lessons and blessings that honestly I have to pinch myself asking myself is this for real.Time has become a very rare and precious commodity this year so every moment is spent wisely.

This year from the word go was filled with travel.I spent time travelling locally and internationally.My international trips where to repeat destinations and I was ok with not ticking another country off my list.Each of my experiences has left my soul happy creating new memories.In the midst of it all I moved into my new home and a week later I was off on an adventure.

2019 Travels :

1. February saw me head off exploring KZN and going to the Umthaye Marula Festival with KZN Tourism.It was such an informative trip and I even met my former students on their in service training.

2.Later in February Mum and I headed off on the MSC for a week long media trip.A week away ,sea breeze and good company was food for the soul.

3.March was the month where I ticked off Bucket List things by heading to Mauritius for Maha Shivarathri and visited the Venketswara Temple.This trip was a reminder of more reasons why I love #MyMauritius.

4.Towards the end of March entering into April we went exploring again locally and this time it was to Bayala Game Reserve.

5.April saw me head of for a stayaction with local media with pre Tourism Indaba events which included the Gandhi settlement and Ohlange School and Makaranga.

6.June was busy as we did a quick family trip to Pretoria and managed a visit to the beautiful Turkish Mosque.

7.For the June Holidays we went to Dubai and it was fantastic as my last trip there was only for 48 hours.

We got to experience a Dune Safari and visit Sharjah.


8.July was back to work and student life for me with 3 weeks of lectures and exams.I managed to sneak in a staycation between exams which was much needed at Avondale Hotel.

9.August saw me heading off to Drakensberg for the #TourismMonth launch.

10.September I headed off on a Shot Left to discover more of my South Africa with SA Tourism.

11.November I headed back to #MyMauritius with Explorer Lab for a Travel Bloggers Conferance.

So yes my 2019 ,was busy but I still took on part time studies with Wits Business School in Digital Leadership which meant weekend lectures ,assignments and EXAMS ! Just 3 modules left for 2020 and I will be done.I kinda like this student vibe so maybe I will study again.

As I started to write this year end post it dawned on me that 2020 would be the start of a new decade and in the last decade loads actually happened.

2010 Throwback

It was in March 2010 , I took a big leap of faith and moved home to South Africa.Since 2001 ,I had been living and working in London a place that has a soft spot in my heart.During my time there I travelled at every oppportunity and enjoyed all that London had to give me.My job was at a senior level , I had completed my British Teacher Qualifications and basically London had become home and life.

In March 2010 something inside me flipped ,I left my job,packed up my flat and returned home.I came back to a place where  I was a stranger,had no friends and no job.The first 6 months were hard as I took on temp jobs and started working on my Masters qualification.It was the darkest 6 months of my life until my blog SpiceGoddess was borne.

My life became a whirlwind hive of activity with attending events and making new friends.I loved having a Life again, and my Masters was not something I wanted to pursue as I was no longer interested in that field.

The blog grew ,my life changed ,I started my current job as a lecturer and then my world changed.My father was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle on NY morning 2012.Suddenly I had to grow up start adulting and only then did my return home make any sense.

I started working with incredible brands and getting amazing opportunities.I started exploring South Africa locally and started to fall in love with my home.I got a permanent job, bought a car ,went on my 1st adult holiday and flew to London with Lenovo for a media launch.

In that time I became a dog mamma and ended up with my 2 furbabies Zara and Chai.My brother got married in Mauritius and it was an amazing trip.More doors opened for me on the work and blog front and I was loving it all.Then in 2017 my Gran’s health started going downhill and in October 2017 she left us.Our lives changed forever and the festive season is very hard emotionally for us as a family.

The family home became too big for Mum and I and then I became a homeowner rather quickly.Mum and I travelled more together and we still settling into our home.The last decade was filled with all sorts ,so I am hoping 2020 will be the start of a million more memories.

Only the Universe knows what plans it has in store for me in 2020 and YES I am ready !

A few years ago I started doing this recap of my year using the same set of questions and it is a great recap of my 2019.

Read my other years round ups :

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1.What did you do in 2019 that you never did before?

I went on a pilgrimage and I ate an Octupus which was rather delish.

2.Did you keep your New Years Resolutions and will you keep new ones for 2020 ?

I prefer the word Goals and will be working on my Goals from 2019.

3.Did anyone close to you die ?

No thankfully not but my lil dog Chai who we had to rehome went missing.Up till this point in time we have not found her.

4.What countries did you visit ?

Mauritius (×2) and Dubai

5.What would you like to have in 2020 that you lacked in 2019?

More money to travel more and more time to live.

6.What date in 2019 will remain etched in your memory and why ?

No specific date as this year was filled with so many dates and deadlines throughout the year.

7.What was your biggest achievement?

Becoming a homeowner ,winning an award for my food photography and getting 95% on an exam.

8.What was your biggest failure ?

Not getting behind the wheel of my car and driving.

9.Did you suffer any illness or injury

Besides burnout nothing major.

10.What was the best thing you bought?

A tripod for my phone so I can start my Youtube channel in 2020.

12.Where did most of your money go in 2019?

Home improvements ! Adulting is hard.

13.What song will remind you of 2019?

No particular song but I got to see my favourite Vidya Vox in concert .

14.What do you wish you had done more of ?

Travel and read ! I want to get a Kindle so that would make reading much more do able.

15.What do you wish you had done less of ?

Wasting time and energy on people who put me down and never celebrate my success.

16. What was your favourite TV programme?

Not watched too much this year but will get Netflix next year.

17.What was the best book you read this year?

Becoming – Michelle Obama

18.What was your favourite movie of the year ?

Not watched anything wow hoping to watch Downton Abbey the movie so things might change.

19. What did you do for your birthday ?

Brunch with friends and then dinner with family.

20.What kept you sane?

My mum who is my voice of reason.

21.Who do you miss ?

My Gran and my Dad.

22.Who was the best new person you met ?

I am constantly meeting new people so it would not be fair to pick one BUT to all you awesome people I have met this year, I thank you for the lessons and blessings you have brought into my life.

23.Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2019?

To be a kinder human not only to others around me but the world too and not forgetting to be kind to myself.

Dearest 2019/2020

2019, you amazed,you broke me yet you gave me so many lessons and blessings all at once.You showed me the faces of those who constantly  change and do not value me.I have learnt to stand my ground,know my worth and sit at tables and be noticed.I am indeed grateful and know that all the dramas,heartache , tears and struggles have prepared me for 2020.

Darling 2020 , I just have a very good feeling and vibe about you.I know you will be incredible, looking forward to meeting you.Waiting for you.

Be Inspired !






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