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Life Update 19.1


It seems every year around the same time, I tend to take a break from the blog and spend my time living. Last year I wrote this post and reading it today I realised how much my life and I have changed in some cases rather drastically. And in some cases changed was beyond my control and much needed. It really feels like 2019 is galloping towards 2020 like there is something rather amazing awaiting on the other side , well maybe there is.The year has just five months remaining and at times I feel like there is still so much I want and need to do but then again maybe the universe is sending me messages to slow down oh and my blog had some mid year gremlins so it was also down.I love doing these kinds of posts ever so often as it gives my readers a summary of what’s going on with me.So grab your favourite cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and read on to find out about my Life Lately.

Over the last few years instead of making resolutions for the New Year ,I have opted for the word Goals. This year I broke my goals into the various aspects of my life to make them more manageable. Breaking these goals down means I can work on several at the same time and actually get things done and make them apart of my every day life. One of the main things I have been focusing on in all of my goals is Self-Care a word that is being used more frequently by everyone. I have also consciously made changes in terms of those I spend time with valuing my time and energy . A couple of years ago I wrote about the  Empty Cup and now more than ever this post makes so much sense and now I pay attention to making sure my cup is not running on empty


AHHH 2019 …. So far you have been rather amazing on so many levels and if you are galloping towards 2020 so fast I am rather excited for what the new year will bring. This I have been rather fortunate to travel frequently and tick off something from my Bucket List that I have been wanting to do forever. My year started with a cruise on-board the MSC Musica which as always is an amazingly relaxing break away.Cruises have become one of my Mum’s favourite holidays.

And then the entire Universe conspired and I headed off to Mauritius to experience the Maha Shivarathi experience.To me this specific trip to Mauritius was so different and once you read my post you will understand. This pilgrimage filled a longing in my soul for something I always wanted to be able to do this with my mum was indeed very special to me. And leaving Mauritius I felt a sadness come over for me the island has become very special to me and I hope to make this pilgrimage again.

Hold up I forgot to mention in the midst of work,blog and life I bought a flat.So everything has been rather busy with moving ,unpacking,decluttering and all the adult things that one needs to do when buying property.It doea feel a lil strange seeing my name on the bills but also a great feeling of accompanishment.Then a week after moving with most of my stuff still in boxes I headed off on a media trip to Northern KZN to experience the annual Marula Festival.

After my Mauritius trip I headed back up to Northern KZN and this time stayed at Bayala Game Reserve and got to see the Big5.I never thought I would be so excited about Game Drives and getting up at the crack of dawn but I loved every minute of it. The silence and beauty of Mother Nature made me calmer and filled with gratitude for the world I live in.

Work was busy as always with lecturing , marking and trying to live not forget unpacking and finding things I had forgotten about. Part of this process included me decluttering and actually feeling good about it. Focusing on my health and wellbeing has become a priority in my life.June saw us head off to Pretoria for a quick weekend to see my uncle yes family is important and no visit would be complete without going to the Turkish Mosque and feasting on some authentic Turkish Food.


Rather unexpectedly Mum headed off on an adventure to Dubai. Having only ever  done stop overs and 48 hours in Dubai this was going to be 6 full days of exploring a city that I have now grown to love. We explored the city , ate our way through Dubai , made new friends who have now become family and even managed to visit two other Emirati. I will be sharing my experiences soon. It seems Dubai as caught my attention and I will be returning as there is still so much to see , do and eat. Did you know that in Dubai you can order a helicopter as an Uber for a city tour?

On our return it was still a few weeks left of my winter holidays so I was able to catch up with friends,movies and even go to see Disney on Ice. As a child I was always so fascinated with the magic of Disney and as an adult even more, and yes I do sing along to the Disney soundtracks at the show.I plan on been better prepared for next year and am currently looking for a Disney Tshirt and Minnie Mouse ears.


On my return to work after my holidays , I was off on a ten day training course.It was pretty intense and had an exam component which had a 90% pass mark.I loved every minute of the training as it was based and Travel and Travel agency operations,Some of what the course covered included cruises, luxury train travel and Beachcomber holidays to Mauritius. As much as it was intense and a lil stressful at times with all the calculations for car rentals and working out commissions I loved every minute of it and I was definitely in my element.

One of my all time favourite artists is Vidya Vox and the last time she was here in SA I missed her performance so this time around when an  invite arrived there was no way I was going to miss out watching the very talented muso in action.The concert was at Suncoast in the Globe Theatre, it was the first time I had attended a concert in this venue and I was very impressed with the layout, sound and setup.I am looking forward to attending more events here in the near future.

And after what seemed like ages we had a family wedding in the middle of everything and it was so much fun. Indian weddings are so colourful, filled with cultural and traditional rituals.It is a perfect chance to catch up with family and the excuse to dress up which I love. It was a welcomed break away from the books with all the functions leading up to the wedding.

For now the new semester has started and I have new students which is always great to see people so hungry to succeed and seeking knowledge. Crazy me has taken on two more projects that will be keeping me rather busy but as always I LOVE a challenge.I will keep you updated on developments.

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My Life Lately….


“I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today wiser I am changing myself”- RUMI

This quote is from one of my favourite poets RUMI and it makes so much sense. The work of Rumi is beyond beautiful and filled with wisdom and practical advice. Yesterday I realised that I am my priority and that I come first. So I spoiled myself with some retail therapy in the SALES though. Part of looking after me is not mindlessly watching TV but becoming selective on the shows I watch.I am currently watching a Spanish show called “Betty in the City”, 90 Day Fiance the other way,The Bold Type, Claws and Just another immigrant.What is great is that each of these shows on air once a week so I do not end up binge watching series something which I LOVE doing hence I am holding back on my Netflix subscription.

At the moment –

“Life should not only be lived but it should be celebrated.”-osho

At this moment in my life I have started learning that life is way too precious not to celebrate living. very day is indeed a gift and an opportunity to be a kinder human to others and the world.I am focusing on living a life that looks good both on the inside and out and not just on the gram. Part of this moment in realisation in making better food choices, sleeping at a decent hour and finding products to improve my health and well-being.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt

I dream big ,I dream crazy and most of all I work hard.Most people are surprised to find out that I have a real full time job as a lecturer and still manage my blog.All about making every minute count.So that is why I am not giving up on my dreams and infact I have a few dreams I hope to breathe live into pretty soon.

These days –

“life for me these days is a lot about letting the unknown be wonderful”- Ann Hathaway

I am living life with an open mind.Open to try new things and saying yes to things even if they scare me just abit.As much as I like routine and stability I also love exploring and experiencing the unknown.

I know –

“I know who I am.I am not perfect.I am not the most beautiful woman in the world. but I am one of them.” – Mary J Blige

I am starting to fall in love with me and the person I am flaws and stretch marks.Self acceptance is vital in having a positive mindset.I am me ! I am enough and YES I am beautiful even if you do not think so.

I am convinced –

“the secret of getting ahead, is getting started.”-Mark Twain

There is nothing I can not all I need to do is get started. he greatest mind et one can have is believing in yourself and that no mountain is too big. I know that next few months are going to be crazy, sacrifices will need to be made but I am convinced that the best is yet to come regardless if I can see it right now. And all along the way I am more than ever convinced that my selfcare is of vital importance in helping me change my life.

I wish –

“you are never given a wish without also been given the power to make it come to true.”

I wish my Dad and Gran were around to see me and all that I have achieved so far in my life professionally and through my amazing blog. I know they guide me always and are always helping me turn my wishes and hearts desires into reality. Life is all about taking chances and having the power and courage to change your life and turn those wishes into reality.


Dearest 2019

You have all sorts of wonderful and filled with moments for the memories box and not forgetting filling my cupboard with happiness.You have put me into situations where I normally never would thought I would be in.I have sat at tables where I earned my seat and got to meet some pretty amazing people.You have given more than I ever dreamed off and opened doors to work with so many brands.With 5 months remaining I know there is still so much I want to do and achieve.So 2019 ,keep it coming cause this girl is on fire !

How has your year been so far ?

Be Inspired !



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