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Tips to fill your empty cup #TuesdayTruth

Life as we know it,keeps us busy 247. Each day that passes I feel I have even less time and so much to do. I often become anxious and crabby as I dont get enough sleep and this leaves me running to get a coffee first thing. Health wise I am not supposed to even be drinking coffee. So why I am feeling this way ? What is going on ? I found this image that summed it all up pretty nicely.
Empty Cup
I am one of those people, who prefer to see the glass half full or well in this case the cup. I tend to have a positive outlook of life most of the time and I love helping others. Wearing my heart on my sleeve and trusting others are traits I bare. Sometimes I feel at times these cause me more harm than good BUT I have now learnt that every encounter is a lesson or a blessing.
Now let me get back to my empty cup, I enjoy having my tea or coffee(shh dont tell my doctor) out of a big mug. The mug is almost a source of comfort. Getting the to end of my mug and realising there is no more leaves me feeling sad. OK so what am I trying to say ??
We are always trying to help others and doing things for others to make their lives and their world a better place. And in the process we forget about the most important person the person who needs just the same amount of self care to be able to continue. We neglect our own needs,we stop listening to the messages our body are giving and basically we forget that we matter.
As women, we take on various roles each day, these roles make demands on our body and minds. We keep giving and giving until we are at the point of losing the plot,burnout or extremely ill. It is only at this point do we then realise that our cup is empty. In my personal experience, whenever it comes to holidays that is the time I get sick and often I am so sick that I cant even enjoy my time off work. It is only at this point do I normally start listening to my body and realise that my cup is empty and that I need to fill it up again.
5 Tips to fill your empty cup :

  1. Listen to relaxing and happy music.Music is attached to emotions so find tracks that energize you and make you want to dance.
  2. SLEEP ! I cant stress how important it is to get enough sleep daily.Sufficient sleep allows the body to relax and prepare for the day ahead. Lack of sleep makes you reach for sugary filled foods and drinks to keep our energy levels up but these bursts of energy are short lived.
  3. Eat healthy and proper meals.Feeding your body is very important and you need to feed your body with nutritious meals and snacks.Cut off junk foods which are high in fat,salt and sugar.Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and cut off processed foods.
  4. Water is a miracle liquid which does so much good for our body but we tend to ignore it. Often we say we are hungry but instead we are actually thirsty and our body is craving water. We should be drinking atleast 1 litre of water a day. I have started adding slices of lemon to my water to increase the flavour and cut down the craving for sugary drinks.
  5. Find a hobby. Recently I have taken up adult colouring after reading endless posts online about the benefits of this activity.I feel relaxed ,calmer and happier. This new hobby has taken me to my childhood which was a very happy place filled with laughter ,fun and where I was carefree.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT ! and  do not become an empty cup. Empty cups serve no purpose. If we are empty how can we help others and be kind when we have nothing to give.
So today I want you to start filling your cup ,do not wait for your cup to be empty to start filling it up.Filling up will take you much longer if your cup is empty and it might be to late.
What do you do to take care of yourself ? Do you have any tips to share ?
Be Inspired!

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