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10 Reasons why I LOVE Mauritius

10 Reasons why I LOVE Mauritius

There is something magical about the island of Mauritius that makes one fall in love with the island and find reasons to keep returning. I personally LOVE Mauritius and any excuse to return I take it. I joked with a friend recently and said maybe I should get citizenship. My first visit to the beautiful island of Mauritius was in 2015 for my brother’s destination wedding which we combined a lil bit of touring , some relaxing and of course a big fat Indian wedding this experience gave me a taste of the Island and got me hooked on Green Island Rum. My second visit to the beautiful island of Mauritius was for a different purpose and that was to cover the 5OTH Independence Day Celebrations.

During my visit I got to spend time with our Mauritian family friends who took me to visit the Aapravasi Ghat which was such an amazing experience much like my visit to Ganga Talao in 2015.

I could possibly give you 100 reasons why I LOVE Mauritius but here are my Top 10 reasons.


1.The fact that as a South African passport holder I do not require a visa to visit Mauritius. As South Africans more than often we require visas to visit other countries and this process can time and money consuming so yes MAURITIUS is a defo yes when it comes to this department.

2.The flight from DURBAN is only 3 hours long which is perfect for a long weekend getaway and the time difference is only 2 hours ahead so need suffering from jetlag while trying to adjust your body clock. And Air Mauritius has direct flights from King Shaka International Airport.

3.The friendly locals who take the business of Tourism very seriously as it plays a massive role in the economic growth of the country. Nothing is impossible with the locals when helping tourists and service with a smile is always there.

4.The food is delicious with a mix of Indian, Chinese and French cuisine. Each of the cultures bringing their flavours to the traditional food of Mauritius. Because it is an island the seafood dishes are literally out of this world and so divine.

5.The island is a melting pot of cultures and the rich diversity is evident in all the festivals celebrated on the island from Chinese New Year to Shivarathri. As some of who is interested in cultural diversity the island really delivers on this.

6. The beautiful beaches without a doubt are so appealing because there are no waves and the water is not too deep.SO there is no fear of been swept away by the waves.

7.Mauritus is home to 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites both of which are easy accessible to the public and play an important role in the history of the island. Having visited both of these sites has left me understanding more about the island and her people.

8.There are a wide variety of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets of travellers to Mauritius. The island also has AirBnB options.

9.Markets galore for shopping with the locals. I HATE shopping at malls so when I travel I love finding markets where locals shop at not only for cheaper prices but also to find authentic products. Some of the most popular items to buy include vanilla tea, rum, jewellery and sarongs.


10.I love that the people of Mauritius are so tolerant of each other’s faith and religion and that places of worship are dotted all over the island , even along the side of a road. I have visited churches , temples and even a Chinese Pagoda to offer prayers and ask for blessings. And no one questioned what my beliefs were. Respect for culture and religion is very important and this is evident through the fact that the public holidays in Mauritius include various important religious days of the people of the island.

Mauritius is indeed a beautiful island perfect for everyone as a holiday destination. The island offers relaxation, romance, culture and so much more. And it is not hard to see why I and so many others love Mauritius and keep returning to the island for a piece of heaven on earth. My favourite quote on the island from Mark Twain really sums up what the strikingly beautiful island of Mauritius truly is.

Mauritius was first made and then Heaven, and that Heaven was copied after Mauritius – MARK TWAIN   

Have you been to Mauritius ? Is it on your bucket list ?

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