11 thoughts on “The Story Behind the #SpiceGoddess

  1. Ooh now I feel I must watch the movie and read the book! This was very interesting to read. I was also unsure of what to call my website. At the time (and perhaps even now) I did not know what exactly the niche was I wanted to write about. So instead of limiting myself to only food or only travel, I used my name because it’s very unique and also because it meant I could do whatever I felt really represented myself and my interests. Thank you for writing this post, it’s made me do a bit of reflection!

  2. I wish I had done this kind of ground work before naming my blog, fantastic name and logo design! 🙂 I just wanted to share and named it i Share 🙂

  3. Your blog origin is unique and I like it’s story. Honestly, when I hear “spice goddess” what it come to me mind is a food/travel blog featuring exotic foods as niche.
    Continue this to grow, and make Spice Goddess as your brand!

  4. I didnt do all this research and thoughts when I created my blog. I should have.
    I am always on the move and always busy, so I knew I had to add that, and the Bee comes from that, as well as my nickname Biene (beee-ne) which is the German word for bee, and also a “pet name”.
    This is great information for anyone wanting to start or rename their blog and it was great to learn a bit more about you.

  5. It is so interesting to hear the back stories on creativity! I really like the way that you came to the choose #SpiceGoddess as your name, and the logo is indeed very cool. I am curious what the 8 small circles around the outside of the logo represent? Do any of these shapes represent something with spices? The black ‘sun rays’ kind of remind me of the sticks used to crush spices into a powder.
    I struggled big time with my blog name. For 10 years it was just my name, which was suitable because the format was super auto-biographical. I was not trying to write for anyone else’s benefit. I was just telling the story of what I was doing and where I was doing it. To be honest, that is not so interesting (I think..).
    A year ago I realized that in all of these years, I never addressed the HOW of my story, which is what people are always asking me. So I launched a second blog rooted in my start-story. The name of that blog was #WhileYoung. After some months of testing those stories and trying to separate the personal stories from the inspirational stories I came to realize that one can not simply remove the personal experiences of the author, as those are what validate the advice.
    Now the #WhileYoung posts which I hope to be more inspirational / tips / best practices are on what was for a long time simply my personal blog, but the categorization via wordpress allow me to make a distinction between what is my personal experience and what is the advice I can offer BASED on that experience. It seems to be working for me so far, but you know, these things are always being tested!

    1. Very interesting ! My readers like that I have a personal feel to my writing. The gadget is called a Motar and Pestle for grinding spices.
      The logo designer explained the logo was based on Hinduism and the balance of everything. I must go find his email again.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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