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Travelling with Deliah #TravelThursday

I for one am very big on branding. I love having my name and logo on everything and I mean everything. Often I use my business cards in pictures so that my logo can be seen. Always in my handbag is a batch of business cards so I can leave a reminder of the SpiceGoddess where ever I go.Almost like how a graffiti artist leaves their tag.
While in Abu Dhabi, I noticed that David Batzofin from one of my travelling buddies carried something very interesting with him. So curious me just had to ask. David is a well know Travel Blogger and Talk Show Host, who has travelled to some amazing locations locally and internationally. So what exactly was it that caught my attention… well David had with him two beautifully handcrafted Hares that were gifted to him by a friend. David took his Travel Buddies all over the world with him and photographed them in amazing locations with people from around the globe. What an interesting conversation starter ?!? I then discovered stories of the travelling gnomes and how that having a travel buddy was not something new. And yes there are even pictures of me with the Hares atop the Gin Bar at Pearls & Caviar.
Now this got me thinking that I too wanted a travel buddy. Often children at Junior School have a class Bear , during each holiday the Bear goes travelling and has pictures taken in exotic locations. While strolling around a Souk with David in Abu Dhabi, my eye caught what would become my travel buddy. As many know I am fascinated with the Middle East so it would only be fitting that on my 1st Travel Media Trip , I would acquire my travel buddy and it would be linked to Abu Dhabi. Bought from a young Tanzanian shop keeper , I purchased a bright blue jewelled camel who much later I named Deliah. Deliah would now become my travel buddy for life. Thank you David ! for educating me.
Travel with Deliah #TravelThursday
Currently Deliah lives in my camera bag in a silk laden box awaiting her next adventure. I can not wait to see what 2016 brings Travel wise. Do you have a Travel Buddy ? Would you consider getting a Travel Buddy ?
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