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Shopping for FREE APPS

The month after the festive season is one where we are rather conscious of our bank balances. I like every other woman loves shopping and getting a good bargain makes it even sweeter.
My last mobile phone served me well but I always felt something was missing. This device was limited in the options of Apps I could download.  Last year I made the switch to Android and boy oh boy am I spoilt for choices when it  comes to download/shopping online for free apps. I use the Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps to download. There is literally an App for everything from Games ,Recipes ,Photo Editing and even Dating. Often I feel like a kid in a Candy Store downloading free apps. I tend to download Apps recommended by other bloggers online.
Shopping for FREE APPS
My 5 Favourite Apps :

  1. Flipagram – this app is pretty cool in making a presentation of your photos. Words can be added to the images as well as music. I have used this to make Birthday Wishes for my loved ones and it is a great snapshot of your memories to your favourite soundtrack.
  2. Phonto – as a blogger I am forever on the hunt to find Apps to make blogging easier. I discovered Phonto , after reading about the app on a blog post from a London Blogger. This App can add words to any image that is on your device. There is a large variety of fonts to choose from. The words can be edited in size ,colour,font and location on your images. This is perfect to brand your pictures to prevent others from using your image without your permission.
  3. TrueCaller – Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a shopaholic would have loved this App to keep Derek Smyth the debt collector away from here. This clever app notifies you of who the caller is even if you do not have the number saved. This is especially helpful to stop and block those annoying call centres from calling you a million times and having to put up with someone trying to sell you something.
  4. Zomato – the must have app for every foodie. This app allows you to find restaurants in your local area according to meal type and cuisine. One is also able to read up reviews, write-up reviews and upload images of food at those listed around the world. Zomato is found in several parts of the world and is expanding all the time so new places are being added. This app is useful in checking out places before you make a booking.
  5. S Health – with the constant focus on health and increasing physical activity, the S Health is fantastic in tracking your daily steps. The daily step counter also tracks how many calories you have used up. As someone who suffers from High Blood Pressure the S Health also measures and tracks my BP. There are several other features that include tracking your sleep and your heart rate. My only negative is that I do not walk around the house with my phone strapped to me so I lose out on steps. So hence a FitBit or Jawbone would make more sense. I have synced this app to my medical aid and I am earning rewards for keeping active.

So shopping does not always have to cost you money. There are millions of apps out there some amazing and some not so. Go on have some fun in trying out some new apps. What are your favourite apps?
Be Inspired !
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