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Be a Tourist in your City

With the current Rand/Dollar/Pound/Euro exchange rates , travelling overseas is not possible for many. But everyone dreams of one day travelling overseas and discovering the Travel Bug. My solution is why not become a Tourist in your own City.
Be a local Tourist

A Tourist in your own City means :

Discovering the hidden local gems and it would not cost you too much. Since moving back from London in 2010 , I have been discovering my city through new eyes. Each time I am out and about I amazed at just how beautiful my City is.
KZN South Coast / South Africa

4 Ideas to Explore your City

  1. Pack a picnic basket with your favourites eats and head to a local park with friends or family. Carry with you a ball and get some exercise in while enjoying the sunshine.
  2. Find our where your local Park Run is. Grab some friends and have a fun morning chatting with the girls while enjoying the scenery.
  3. Find local museums in your city. Most are free to enter.
  4. Go on a Roadtrip you will be amazed what you will find along the way.

Since I have started lecturing Travel and Tourism this year, I have started to see my City in a truly different light. I have fallen in love with Durban and love exploring my city. This has made me realise just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

5 places to visit in Durban

  1. The Mariannhill monastery
  2. Bangladesh Fruit and Vegetable Market.
  3. Mitchell Park.
  4. Grey Street Mosque.
  5. Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding.

Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding - Durban
No visit to Durban is complete without sampling the delicious food found here.

4 Places you must eat at in Durban

  1. Spice Emporium in the Durban CBD. Besides stocking up on spices and everything Indian that is needed in kitchen. Now besides that check out their Indian Street Food Cafe instore.
  2. Chicken Tikka from Big Ben in the South of Durban. A small takeaway with the biggest lines and divine Tikka.
  3. Durban is world famous for the Bunny Chow. This is a dish were a loaf of bread is hollowed out and filled with a delicious spicy Durban Curry. Some popular places include Island Hotel , Britannia and Hollywood.
  4. Old Town Italy is a fairly new deli and eatery where you can enjoy traditional Italian Cuisine at its best. Besides a great meal you can also buy authentic Italian ingredients to take a piece of Italy home with you.

Spice Emporium Durban Street Food
Durban is one pretty damn awesome city. The weather all year round is warm and the people are so friendly and welcoming. Durban is a popular destination for local and international visitors. There is something for everyone in Durban.
Last year I became a tourist in my own city by staying the weekend at a city hotel. Boy oh boy ! it was total fun and did not cost an arm and a leg. I have a pretty adventurous family who love going on roadtrips and Sundays are spent having picnics at the beach and various parks. So start looking at your surroundings in a different way. Become a tourist and explore your city.
What is your favourite place in your city?
Be Inspired !
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