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The Secret to Success

We each define success differently. To some it is a million dollar bank balance ,owning a sports car or even getting married.
Secret to Success
When I look back at my life I sometimes cringe when I think of the choices I made and the idea I had in my head of what  life should be like. While at University , success meant to me getting married to a “rich guy” , driving a Jeep and having no actual job other than spending my Husband’s money. I even went as far as to say I would marry someone and learn to love him later. An old friend reminded me of these  crazy notions earlier this year.
” Seriously Verushka ?!? Did you actually think and say that ”
Sadly enough I did. But that was way before I grew up ,travelled and started living. Things have not gone according to my plan instead I am single ,driving a Yaris and spending my own money that I earn from a job I love. So what really changed ? I guess travel really does make you see the world differently and appreciate the small things in life.

What does Success mean to me ?

Success is doing what I love and having enough for all my needs. YES we all want more as per Maslow’s Theory. But having more does not make you happy. Success is a verb something I am working at every day in my job and on my blog. Going to bed each night with gratitude in my heart for all my lessons and blessings makes me successful. Success is taking your passion and working on it 247. My blog is my passion.

So what are the Secrets to Success ?

  1. Working hard.
  2. Gratitude.
  3. Failure is not an option.
  4. Passion.
  5. Surrounding yourself with a positive tribe.
  6. Keeping your head down.
  7. Taking chances.
  8. Looking after yourself.
  9. Education.
  10. Be Positive.

Hand on heart , I can tell you that I have done almost all of these and YES they do work. Some have worked better than others and some are still a work in progress. Nothing good ever comes easy. Belive in the power of you and your dreams.

The Secret to YOUR Success lies in the palms of your hands.

Do not waste another moment. Seize the day and go after all that your heart desires. What does Success mean to you ?
Be Inspired !
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