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Purtassi Vegetarian Meal Ideas & Shopping List

Purtassi Vegetarian Meal Ideas & Shopping List

With the month long  vegetarian fast of Purtassi upon us coming up with nutritious and interesting meal ideas can be a difficult task.The main meal considerations are no eggs ,meat,chicken,fish or alcohol.Going back 20 years ago fasting meals were literally vegetable curries and an occassional pasta dish were on the menu.Growing up Gran would cook a variety of vegetarian dishes for each meal and that would satisfy each of our tastebuds.The month long fast of Purtassi always seemed very long and as kids we would actually countdown the days of the fast to finish.

Fast foward to the last 5 years,the market has explored with so many options in terms of vegetarian products available as the number of people choosing a vegetarian diet have increased.I peraonally have over time come to love this period of fasting especially after my visit to Lord Venkateswara in Mauritius.

With Mum a vegetarian and me abstaing from eating meat three times a week for religious purposes, I have become rather creative when it comes to cooking and experimenting with flavours.To find my recipes head over to Facebook and Instagram and make sure you follow so you do not miss out.The purpose of this post is to give you some foodie inspiration to create some delicious meals for your family.One of the brands that is constantly evolving their offerings on the market is the Frys Family brand their most recent addition is the #BeyondTheImpossible Traditional and Asian Spiced Burger with over 14% of protein.I collaborated with the brand and whipped up a few recipes which are here .

With Covid19 still a reality it has also changed how we even shop which in turn affects the type of meals we make and ultimately means we need to plan meals.Check out this shopping list over here.Meal planning is very important as it saves time,money and energy.Food wastage is a reality so planning meals cuts down that as well.This post is a guide to help you shop and give you meal ideas :

Purtassi Shopping List :


1.Soya Chunks/Mince dried


3.Fry’s Soya Products

4.Beans and Lentils

5.Cashew Nut Balls

6.Soya Products from Go Veg


8.Yoghurt – usually buy a plain yoghurt so it can be used for cooking as well.

9.Pasta – macaroni /lasange sheets

10.Noodles – check that they are not made with egg

11.Breakfast cereals

12.Self raising flour

13.Baking Powder

14.Spices and Veg stock in the cubes or powdered.My latest addition is Saville Spices who have an amazing range of spices from around the globe.

15.Frozen Mix Vegetables – I prefer the McCain brand.McCain brand.

16.Frozen Stir Fry Mix

17.Frozen oven chips and wedges

18.Sauces and Mayo – there are egg free options like Bewell and Hellmans.

19.Cheese -I tend to buy the large 800g blocks and grate,and pack into smaller packets for freezing.I also buy cheese slices which are great for sandwiches and burgers.

20.Condiments – I have having things like pickled onions,gherkins,pepperdews perfect for adding as pizza toppings or fillings for sandwiches.

21.Bread products like wraps ,pitas and naans.With Covid I prefer products that freeze well and my go to brand is MyomyFoods.

22.Fresh Fruit and vegetables.I prefer buying fruit from Woolies as they last much longer.For Indian Veggies I do love the variety of the Market Box can carry for delivery to your door.

23.Snacks are always a freezer staple and Savoury Boutique is my favourite with contactless delivery and several new products added to the range for Purtassi.And wait for this a 25% discount on the vegetarian range.

Purtassi Vegetarian Meal Ideas :

1.Vegetable Breyani a staple in all homes during the fast.

2.Pizza a quick and easy meal topped with your fav toppings.Add a toss salad to make it a lil more healthy.

3.Vegetable Bake and stuffed gem squash.

4.Jackfruit Breyani a twist on breyani.

5.Vegetable Stew with Pasta using frozen oven roasted vegetables.

Kadhi /Purtassi meal ideas

6.Burgers with the works using Frys Traditional or Spiced Burgers.

7.Macaroni and Cheese.

8.Toasted Cheese Sand.Chilli Paneerwiches.

9.Chilli Paneer so simple ,easy but so delish.

10. Butter Paneer this is my world famous recipe.

11.Quesdillas quick ,easy and a light meal.

12.Aubergine Parmigana a baked Aubergine dish.

13.Vegetable Lasange

14.Sugar Bean Curry Bunny.

15.Vegetable Stir Fry

16.Vegetarian Lanchashire HotPot

17.Soya Prawn Curry

18.Loaded Chilli Cheese Fries.

19.Dhal Makhani

20. MeatFree Meatballs and spaghetti 

21. Cheesy Masala Fries with a Soya Chicken Schnitzel 

22. Frys Burger Manchurian 

23.Soya Chunks with Cabbage Curry 

24. Khadi a yoghurt based curry with pakora.

25. White Potato Fry with Dhall and Rice.

26. Bread Bhajias

27.Stir fried veg stuffed into pita pockets

28. Kitchri with  potato chutney

29.Curried Samp & Beans

30.Soya Cottage Pie

31.Green Banana Kebab Chutney

32. Gram Dhall and Mushroom Curry 

33. Curried Vegetable Pies

34. Savoury Rice with fried potato and soya prawns.

35.Veg Stir Fry with Rice

36 Masala Baked Beans with Soya Sausages and Chips.

37 Cauliflower Cheese Bake

38.Tortilla wraps using salads and soya burgers or strips.

39 Mixed Vegetable Curry

40.Cheese and Masala Baked Beans Toastie.

I try to experiment with my cooking during Purtassi and stay away from the typical veg curries daily.Leftovers make great toastie fillings with cheese.

I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Purtassi.I hope these help you in planning your family meals during Purtassi.Do follow my social media platforms to see what vegetarian creations I come up with :

Be Inspired !





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