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Frys Lancashire HotPot Recipe

Frys Lancashire HotPot Recipe

Today I am sharing my second recipe that I have created using the Frys Burger Range.As a foodie I love experimenting with food and flavours.So when I was brainstorming for this project I wanted to come up with different ways to use the Frys Burgers rather than just eat it as a burger.I wanted to come up with Meat free versions of popular dishes to encourage people to get creative and to start including more plant based protein in their diet.

One of the main reasons I am sold on these products is the protein new and improved Burger range delivers on taste ,flavour and protein content.Fry’s have relaunched their Traditional Burger and Spiced Burger with a new formula. The new formula makes these ‘old favourites’ tastier, with better texture and more protein. The Traditional Burger now has an extra 27% protein, and the Spiced Burger an extra 14% protein. So it is really possible to get sufficient protein from plants ? YES as Frys has gone beyond the impossible and done just that with their new and improved Burger ranges.

This recipe I am sharing is one based on a traditional British dish Lancashire HotPot ,a dish that is warm and comforting and made with basic ingredients.Traditonally the dish is made with lamb and veg and baked in the oven.Check out my take.

Frys Lancashire HotPot Recipe


1 box of Frys Burgers chopped into large chunks from frozen

1 onion diced

250g frozen mixed vegetables
2 tablespoon oil
half a packet brown onion soup
1 teaspoon paprika
3 potatos cut into rounds
2 cloves garlic
1 shake aromat
1 tin baked beans
Method :
1.Prepare vegetables
2.Fry onions and garlic then add frozen chopped burger pieces.Allow to dry fry and get crispy for 5 minutes before adding in mix vegetables cook till veg has softened.Add seasonings.
3.In a baking dish layer the cooked burger mixture top with baked beans.
4.Mix the onion soup mix and pour over the burger and bean mixture.
5.Top with potato rounds ,season and bake 45min at 180degrees.
Serve with a side salad or garlic bread.
Check out my recipe from last week here.
Be Inspire !

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