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Knorr your Flavour …Tell me what's your Flavour?

As I start to write this post , I now have that song in head “Tell me what’s your flavour?” Earlier this week the folks from Knorr who are world renowned for their flavoursome products sent me and email about finding my flavour profile.
Knorr Flavour Logo
Instantly the foodie in me was keen to find out what is my flavour. So quickly I took the very simple fun online quiz to find out my profile. This fun profile has been created by Knorr with IT specialists IBM.
I know you probably not one of those silly Facebook login in things again. No No this is simply a link that takes you to the quiz and once you are done you can share the results with your friends and family. Hmm sounds the same like those Facebook things ,I hear you say …No again.
So why has this Flavour profile been created ? Well Knorr the flavour experts have done research on how flavours affect our relationships. Now before you start rolling your eyes at me again hear me out.  We are friends with those who share the same food and flavour preferences as us and this is simply another reason why we are friends plus it is always great eating out as you get to eat two of your favourite dishes. So what exactly did Knorr find out :
” 8/10 people are attracted to people who share the same flavour preferences.”
Now this is a true story for me , I love Sushi so if a guy tells me he hates Sushi then “Houston we have a problem”
” A third of people find someone ordering a dish they dislike a turn off”
This reminds me of an episode of Mr Bean where he went to a fancy place to eat. But everything was so expensive so he opted for the cheapest thing on the menu.The menu was in French so he didn’t know what he had ordered till it arrived and it was a dish of Steak Tartare. This is a dish of minced raw steak or horsemeat served with a variety of condiments for you to flavour and season according to your taste buds. Now imagine having a date with someone eating Horsemeat or Frog legs especially if you are not an adventurous eater.
“One fifth of people know the above mentioned fact and admit to ordering a meal this dislike just to impress someone”
Really ?!? not me though The Rules of Dating and Eating suggest no spaghetti or soup on a first date. But what if I want a romantic Lady and The Tramp moment?
So all this got me thing about dating,food and finding a soul mate. Could the Knorr Flavour profile Quiz help me find a like minded flavoursome partner ?
There are 12 profiles which include Spicy Rebel ,Meaty Warrior , Roasted Romantic, and Gracious Grazer. Such delightful names don’t you think ?
So I am a ….
Meaty Warrior - Knorr Flavour
A Meaty Warrior secretly I wished it was a Spicy Rebel !
Log on to
To find out what you are and share it with me in the comments below.
Be Inspired !
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