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Foodie Talks with the SpiceGoddess

So let’s be real Food makes up a big part of our lives. From the good to bad choices we make some for health reasons and others for guilty pleasures.
SpiceGoddess aka Foodie
As a keen foodie , I have grown up in an Indian home where food is a big thing. No family gathering big or small is complete with a feast of some sorts. My travels around the globe have fed this foodie with some of the most amazing food experiences that leave my mouth-watering just thinking about it.
Foodie heaven from Kerala
Today on The Blog Tag is a rather fun set of Food related questions. So sit down grab a glass of wine or a mug of Chai and find out what this Foodie has to say :
The Blog Tag - Foodie talks with the SpiceGoddess

  1. Favourite Cuisine – So not fair this question is like asking a parent who is their favourite child. I love food from around the world especially Indian and Arabic food.
  2. Favourite Chef – International would have to be the Ultimate Domestic Goddess Nigella and locally it would be Jenny Morris and Yudhika Sujanani.
  3. The cookbook I use the most – That would be a book belonging to my mum it is rather ancient. Every Indian home and Indian Bride has or gets given the Indian Delights. This cookbook is a kitchen bible in every Indian home in South Africa. Last year I gifted these books to my cousins just before their weddings.
  4. If I had the chance to open my own eatery what would it be called – I would love to someday. SpiceGoddess would feature in the name ,maybe Le SpiceGoddess or SpiceGoddess Eatery.
  5. What is on my Pizza ? – defo meat ­čÖé normally ┬áspicy chicken.
  6. 3 ingredients I can not live without – another tough question. But here goes Pasta ,tinned Tomato and Chicken. Three versatile ingredients that can be made into a variety of delicious meals.

7. Best places for Food in Durban – The food scene is changing rapidly in Durban so that means more choices. The famous Island Hotel is legendary for the yummy curries and bunny chows located in Isipingo Beach south of the city centre. Another tiny and ever so busy place in Isipingo Beach is the famous Big Ben. Known for their delicious burgers and chicken tikka you can expect a long line and the store always busy.Great prices that will not break the bank.
Yudhika and Verushka GFWS2015
Quick Fire :

  1. Juice am obsessed with fruit and vegetable juices after Kerala and now I have a Nutribullet.
  2. Chicken please.
  3. Due to my crazy life and work times I prefer eating in but on special occasions eating out is a must.
  4. Indian or Chinese , Since Kerala I have discovered IndoChinese fusion cooking. And I love so best combine these both.
  5. Sweet or Sour bit of both depending on my mood.
  6. Chocolate always milkshakes,ice-cream,cake or biscuits.
  7. Popcorn as long as it is flavoured with Fruit Chutney flavour spice.
  8. Cake or Pie ,cake always.
  9. Ice cream on my waffles .
  10. M&M’s so many awesome flavours to choose from.

Share your foodie thoughts with me,I would love to know.
Be Inspired !
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