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Kamini is the #GirlEatWorld


Kamini Pather MCSA 2013

Kamini Pather MCSA 2013

Kamini Pather , the winner of Masterchef South Africa 2013 has her own TV show.The show with the catchy title of Girl Eat World aired last week Friday on Food Network.This food blogger turned Masterchef is on a culinary adventure that takes her and us in tow to ten international food destinations.
Unlike other cookery shows , Kamini does not cook here but instead meets up with local food bloggers who take her on culinary food explorations in their cities.She eats with the locals finding out about culture and traditons.Kamini is a natural on screen and its clearly evident that she is having so much fun exploring all these foodie destinations.After watching the first two episodes it literally makes one add places to the Travel #BucketLists that they probably might not have considered before.
The show combines best of both worlds in the form of food and travel.I personally cant wait to see the remainder of the series as I have been following Kamini’s food journey on Twitter.To me the show is like a dream job , travelling the world and savouring the culinary delights and recording it well for me it would be blogging.
Well done Kamini Pather! an amazing show cant wait to see the rest.
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