Make me Smile #TuesdayTruth

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Do you remember what made you smile ? More than often it was a stranger’s kindness, an unexpected call, a surprise gift or someone helping you. How did you feel? I know I felt happy , I smiled , possibly even blushed but most importantly I felt good.
We often forget how much powers we as humans actually have to make someone smile and feel good. Sometimes we are embarrassed to be kind to others. One of my favourite quotes is how people put on brave faces when inside everthing is broken.Now imagine making that person who feels broken smile , imagine their change of heart. And then the ripple effect starts with just one act that made someone smile.
The #RAK or better known as Random Acts of Kindness fits in nicely in today’s #TuesdayTruth. We should all try on a daily basis to make someone smile. Sometimes just a simple gesture like greeting someone will bring a smile to their face.
So today I encourage everyone that reads this bog post wherever you are in the world to try and make at least one person smile everyday. Trust me this will have a ripple effect in society and in turn create a positive atmosphere. Just be “The reason someone smiles today”
Be Inspired!

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