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Fill your heart with Gratitude

Gratitude a word that is so important yet is often overlooked. As humans we get too caught up in life and forget to stop and say thank you.
Definition of Gratitude
The above given definition is too small in my opinion of such an important word. Life brings us all sorts the good with the bad and we often are only thankful for the Good but we need to be grateful for the bad and the lessons it brings.
Sometimes we need to stop and say thank you. Everyday there are people who do things for you that make your world a better place , when last did you say Thank you or I appreciate you ? Sometimes when words fail us a warm smile or a genuine hug can make a world of difference. Each person we cross paths with is fighting their own battles and so us saying thank you might be the ray of sunshine they need.
Over the last 5 days I have not been well and on constant meds for an eye abscess. I am very uncomfortable and my swollen eye is not a pretty sight. I have worn sunglasses so that I could be hidden. It then dawned on me last night that I needed to stop my pity party and fix myself up. I have an eye abscess yes but it is not life threatening,only uncomfortable and not very pretty that’s all.
Fill your heart with Gratitude
So instead of a negative space I am going to fill my heart with Gratitude. This means acknowledging all the amazing things in my life and thanking the Universe. Filling your heart with gratitude brings sunshine into your world and if you are positive your sunshine will shine on others.

Gratitude List

  1. Grateful that I have family and friends in my life who care for me in good and bad times.
  2. Grateful for having a home and a job.
  3. Grateful for my health even though it is not the best right now.
  4. Grateful for all the opportunities and experience in my life.
  5. Grateful I am able to help others and  not be selfish.

These are just a snippet of what I am grateful for in my life this morning. I  will be starting an online Gratitude post each evening which I will be sharing on my Social Media platforms of what I am grateful for each day. Will you take the challenge and do the same? If you do please tag me in your Gratitude post. I would love to see what you are grateful for.
Be Inspired !
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