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Partner wishlist

Every girl has a list short or long of what they would like their future partner to be like.
It starts off with wanting a man exactly like our Fathers but then changes we become teenagers to movie stars who steal our hearts.We start of wanting a man that looks like a Prince who has a million rands and how will give us the Fairytale lifestyle.
But then reality sets in and we realise that Hollywood /Bollywood has given us very high expectations of love and then we get hurt…Over the years my Partner Wishlist has changed and be redefined but this comes only with age and experiences.
I feel like Bridget Jones sitting here writing a list of what my is on my Partner Wishlist:
1) A romantic and loving guy (often end up with guys who dont know how to even spell romance and will not see a girlie movie)
2)A guy who has a career and plans for his future (I dont want no scrub )
3) A guy who has a sense of humour and can make me laugh (not make jokes about me though)
4) A guy with nice hands *blush*
5) A man who can cook (that is such a sexy quality)
So my wishlist is not too long …….So maybe like Bridget I will find Mr Darcy…. one day…..

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