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#MissionSamsung WEEK 2 Mission 2

Challenge 2 this week was to take a photo of any animal and to edit the picture using “Colour Vignette” feature.
Over the weekend we visited my Uncle and I got to meet the latest addition to their family. Cleo was inherited as her previous owners were relocating and didn’t want to take her with them. She is 8 years old and is totally gorgeous with a passive and loving nature.
Since becoming a puppy mummy to Zara last year, I have a new found love for dogs and puppies. Cleo seemed to like me too but I guess she could smell Zara on me.
I played with Cleo in the lovely Durban winter sun. As you can see by this picture Cleo loves having her picture taken and is enjoying her moment as my Muse.
Cleo was taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the Colour Vignette feature #MissionSamsung @SamsungSA
Just one more mission left to complete this week. Looking forward to the next week of challenges.
Hope your week has treated you kindly

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