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The case of the skirt #OOTD

One of my favourite British books turned movie is Bridget Jones’s Diary. I love the story line and find myself howling with laughter at some of Bridget’s crazy antics. Bridget is a 30something singleton living in London, she has an ongoing battle with her weight and love life. Kind of reminds me of me.
Bridget Jones'Diary
The following is a very funny email conversation between Bridget and her rather dishy boss Daniel Cleaver :
Message on PC from Daniel Cleaver to Bridget : “You appeared to have forgotten your skirt. Is your skirt off sick? I thought it was made perfectly clear in your contract of employment, staff are expected to be fully dressed at all times.”
Bridget is startled. She looks up and across at Daniel. He is not looking at her.
BRIDGET: (As she types) Message: ” Mr Cleaver. Am appalled by message. Skirt was demonstrably neither sick nor absent. Appalled by management’s blatantly size-ist attitude to skirt. Suggest management sick, not skirt.”
She presses SEND, looks shyly at Daniel as he reads the message. He laughs, turns to look at her. A warm, sexy, mischievous smile
This conversation is oh so witty ,naughty and flirty. I love the banter between these two. So why are we talking about a skirt ? Well two weekends ago , I decided to surprise the girls and wear a skirt to our High Tea. I rarely wear a skirt though it used to be a staple in my closet in London teamed up with a pair of boots and was perfect for the British weather.
So a lil background of skirts, they are worn by both men and women around the world in different styles and Forms. In India men wear a Dhoti which is like a wrap around skirt. David Beckham started the men’s fashion craze of the sarong and the Scottish men wear kilts. Skirts have been around for a few centuries and have evolved in time. The first skirts were made from grass and animal skin and now we still have leather skirts. Skirts come in a variety of styles and lenghts there is something to suit everyone’s body shape.
A few months ago I had the crazy idea that I wanted to buy a formal black skirt. I dont wear anything short so I knew the skirt would be just below my knees. The styling of the skirt would be a pencil skirt as that style always looks classy and never goes out of fashion. I finally found a skirt that I like that suited me and my budget as it was on sale in a Plus Size clothing store. I instantly bought it and forgot about it until the weekend of the High Tea. Prior to the weekend the girls decided we should wear dresses cause that is what ladies who have High Tea wear.
That weekend it was extremely hot in Durban and I decided to pull out the black skirt I had bought. Owning a black skirt is a good investment and it is so versatile. The skirt had a beautiful lace detail which gave it a feminine look and not so formal for the office look. I teamed the skirt with a chiffon top which was had a pattern of red,black and white printed on it. The print was almost like an animal print. I choose animal print pointy pumps in gold and black to finish off my outfit with sheer stockings I dont like my legs bare. In terms of accessories I decided on a structured Red Handbag which complemented my outfit with a simple gold chain and bangles to complete my look. As it was super hot I decided in a off the face in a bun hairstyle.
When the girls saw me , they were rather surprised and loved this look on me. Personally I loved the way I pulled off this outfit . I felt like a million bucks. I am a bargain hunter and always seem to find what I need. The next time I wear this skirt I am thinking a pair of heels would add a great effect.
#OOTD The case of the skirt
Do you wear skirts ? Have you found a skirt style that suits your body type? What do you think of my outfit ?
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2 thoughts on “The case of the skirt #OOTD

  1. I love your outfit and think it pulled together into a very classy look. The handbag really adds a great pop of color and style. I wore skirts a lot when I was younger and a much smaller size. I don’t even own one now. These days I seem to rely on black leggings and long tunics with black ankle boots.

  2. Looking good! Love the Bridget Jones Dialog! I have a ton of skirts back home from when I user to work in a bank, they were formal and I preferred to wear them when it was hot. Actually there aren’t any skirts in my cupboard at this moment I prefer dresses hehe to anything else.

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