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Lessons learnt from living in a Pandemic

Lessons learnt from living in a Pandemic

Covid19 and Lockdown two words that literally changed the world overnight and changed the way we live going forward.I still struggle to comprehend how over 300 days has passed and everything I did prior to that does not happen anymore.I think no one ever realised how different our lives would be from a year ago but without warning we made to stop.

During this pandemic we all have had to change everything and it almost feels as if we have been put back to Factory settings to start afresh.For someone like me you travels monthly locally and abroad sometimes more than once s month ,the reset seemed like just what I needed.As each day passes I have started realising so much of who I am ,what makes me happy and the life I want to lead.If anything the pandemic has given me so many vital life lessons that will be ingrained in me for time to come.

Lessons learnt from living in a Pandemic

1.Slow down ,we get so caught up with the rat race of life that we actually forget to slow down ,rest and enjoy the simple pleasures of enjoying a hot brew while watching a sunset BC ( before Covid) my daily routine included work,gym,mall all not actually at leisure but all run by a clock.The first year of me moving into my flat ,I spent more time away thank actually staying home so slowing down meant I got to enjoy my space.I recall leaving work to go directly to the airport all on a tight schedule mindful of traffic and missed flights.I might not have mentioned this before but regardless of my flights I am such a stress pot about missing flights and only breathe once I am on a flight.Slowing down has been such a fantastic lesson and feeling that does incredible things for the body ,mind and soul.

2.Cooking and eating home made meals oh my gosh such joy.During lockdown I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen recreating food memories from my Gran and my travels.Lockdown saw everyone on Facebook creating amazing meals for their loved ones.With my life BC there was never much time to cook so takeaway meals and eating out were fairly common practices.By cooking my own meals I know exactly what is going into them and I have saved so much.The SpiceGoddess is really in her element now and even wrote a guide on how to shop and meal plan during lockdown.Have you checked out my account ?

3.I am not high maintenance and I love it ! I had 1 haircut in 2020 and 1 pedicure.Normally I get my hair done 3 times a year and a montly pedicure as someone who stands on my feer alot these are much needed.But with Covid I have done without all these things used home treatments and focused on selfcare.I have learnt that most beauty and skincare treatments can be made from ingredients found in the home for example Rooibos Tea.

4.I have learnt that I enjoy my own company and that of my mum.As much as I am an extrovert I love my alone time and with a busy lifestyle like mine time was a rare commodity but thanks to Covid19 I finally have time and time to spend with my mum.When I lived abroad in London I would go to the movies and have meals on my own,most people thought this was so strange but trust me it is so liberating.My days are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in peace,watching what I want ,chatting to mum and basically doing what makes me happy.The few times I have gone out I have felt rather anxious about been around so many people that I could not wait to stay at home.

5.I love Technology and it brings me so much happiness.Now more than ever having technology that keeping me in contact with loved ones.Whatsapp video calls,zoom and Facebook lives have kept in touch with my people.I have made more of an effort to make calls to my friends and family and send messages weekly.Having friends and family abroad we have used technology to keep us connected and apart of each others lives.A habit I have picked up is saying “Love you” as I end calls.Technology has been great in me learning and soon I will be studying online with Global TEFL Recruiters doing my TEFL qualification.

6.Nuture your relationships in IRL ( In real life ) as well as those online.Make an effort and here again technology has played a major part of this lesson..Through my blog,my travels and my social media handles I have crossed paths with some pretty amazing people who have kept me sane,motivated and smiling at my phone several times in the day.Twitter was the 1st social platform I had before starting SpiceGoddess BlogSpiceGoddess Blog and I kinda fell outta love with it in recent years purely because it is a platform where interaction is needed and in Lockdown I have reignited that flame and loving my Twitter Fam !

7.Self Care this is just not a word but a verb and something I am doing more and more each day.For years my mum has tried to get me to take vitamins and never succeded but Covid got me on high alert.For me self care is many things and it the pandemic has made me realise I need to take better care of myself body,mind and soul.I have started :

* pay attention to what I eat and only eating home cooked meals.

*drinking more water.

*letting go of toxic people and situations


*taking my vitamins seriously!

* limiting people access to me.

* listening to my body.

*focusing on gratitude.

The above are just a few things helping me cope.

8.Buy stuff ! I have learnt that I have no need to buy more clothes or makeup as my wardrobes have clothes I have not worn in a year.Time to declutter,give away and get a capsule wardrobe I think.Always when travelling I have the mindset about buying experiences not things and now I want to do this for all aspects of my life.

9.Prayer and faith during this pandemic I have become more in tune with my faith and it has brought me comfort.Having more time meant I had time to read up and learn more about my religion.Prayer has now become a daily habit of mine.

10.I enjoy been an introvert and this is coming from am extrovert who rarely stayed home.The pandemic has changed our interactions with people and this means we literally interact with only 1/3 or less than we used too.I enjoy staying home ,sleeping in ,not wearing make up or heat treating my hair and spending money on looking good.

11. Change, we are all a lil bit resistant to change and I personally am not a fan of change.But with our lives changing literally overnight we have been forced to change.They say it takes 21 days to form a habit or get used to something well 310 days later I have gotten used to wearing a mask every time I step outside my home properly,using technology more effectively ,staying home,washing my hands,sanitising my shopping,limiting my shopping and most of all getting used to not actually seeing and been in the company of my loved ones.At first it was a lil strange but now it is part of how I live my life.

This Covid pandemic has been full of lessons and blessings every single day and I choose to be grateful every single day for every lesson and blessing even through the sadness.What have you learnt during this time let me know.

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