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#LondonDiaries Day 2 (Part 2)

Day 2 was a very long and rather eventful day so hence the 2 posts.
I arrived back at the hotel at 3pm before the heavens opened with a heavy downpour that lasted for an hour.It was time to rest and then get ready for the big Lenovo #YOGAMyWayLunch.Earlier that morning we all received an email to meet at the hotel lobby bar for Pre drinks before the event.I treated myself to a lil much needed snooze and pampered my eyes with my Eyeslices.Then it was time to shower and get ready for the much anticipated event.After 3 dress changes, laddering 2 pairs of stockings I was ready for the launch.I made my way downstairs to meet everyone.
Dressed in a red dress with a black and white silk jacket it only dawned on me later that I was dressed in the Lenovo colours.What I instantly noticed that there were not too many women around.I got introduced to the other guy from South Africa Stuart as well Nick and Varun from Dubai.Over drinks we got chatting about what we do, the launch and last years Launch in Milan which was amazing.
At this point , we saw the iconic double decker red London buses pull up outside the hotel.And these buses were branded with the Lenovo logos.We then made our way to the buses and it was still raining in true London style.I told the guys there was no way we were going upstairs considering I was wearing heels , the guys all sat downstairs with me.We drove down Oxford Street which was still buzzing with traffic and people to the launch venue.
As the buses pulled up to the venue , a crowd of photographers were busy snapping away pics of us as we got off the bus.It was really a paparazzi moment , as we all tried to get in out of the rain.On walking into the venue we were checked in and guided to a ratherĀ  trendy are filled with stools in red and black and yes I sat on a black stool so the red wouldn’t clash with my dress.Once of the nicest things was that everyone was busy on their digital devices tweeting , instagramming and no one called us anti social except I got tweeted by the @lenovo worldwide handle to say watch the screens lol the guys laughed at me for been told off.
Then launch the proceded with the introduction of the 3 new products and the Live Link with Product Engineer Ashton Kutcher spoke about the products with such passion I had to contain my drooling as he looked so HOT and spoke about ideas that excited me in the field of technology.When we we shown in YOGA Pro 3 laptop I was utterly smitten and in love and knew this was what I lusted for.Incase you missed my post on The Magnifying Glass here is the link a more detailed one on the products launched
After the launch and speeches the screens moved up to reveal a social area which allowed to to play with the new gadgets.A constant supply of finger food and cocktails were on offer.I walked around with Nick oohing and ahhing at the products.At some point in the evening we met Mo from Lenovo in Dubai who asked us why we didn’t have our goodie bags ? We were ok we will go he was like go NOW , we gathered the gang and headed off to get our goodie bags which we had to sign for.Now past experiences have taught me if you have to sign for a goodie bag then is AMAZING ! We were not disappointed as we all received the YOGA Pro 3 laptop #happydance ! The guys said if they had an Orange one they would swap with me but we all got silver ones.We left the launch event with our treasured possession from Lenovo which included an international adaptor at 11pm
On return to the hotel we were all a tad bit peckish so we dropped off our loot,changes shoes (me) got coats before heading down Edgeware Road for some moorish Arabic food.Edgeware Road makes one forget that one is in London with all the Arabic shops, eateries, coffee shops and Arabic signage.Over yummy food we talked about the world’s problems , laughed shared stories of our homes before we strolled back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning.
Thank you Lenovo for an amazing evening and my out of this world YOGA Pro 3 laptop.I am very excited of what the future holds for Lenovo especially now that Motorola are onboard.
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