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Insomnia blues…

With juggling my “day” job,blogging and life ,I seem to be getting to bed later each evening.By later I mean early hours of the next morning.I dont have a set routine as most evenings I get in after 8pm and boom before I know it my clock says 11:30pm.
My day also starts early , as there is always things to do before going to work.And because I can not sleep I end up on my various Social Media platforms.My mind is too busy thinking,planning and dreaming.So I know most of you will say switch off the TV ,lights and lie in the dark , well I have done that and it does not work ,well for me.I have also been told switch off your phone , but I cant do that incase of an emergency like when my Gran was in hospital.So lack of sleep makes me reach for a cup of coffee like today.
So while playing about on my Samsung S6 I found that the S Health app has a feature to monitor your sleep.Now that is awesome however you need to put in the time you sleep and most times that is the last thing I think of.I do however love the other features of this app like the Step counter and heart rate monitor which I do use.Earlier this week an email popped into my inbox from Samsung and it contained information on this device.
SamsungSleepSense(1)What is this you may ask ? Is a CD player ? A wireless charger? A wireless speaker?
Nope it is the new Samsung Sleep Sense.This device analyses your heart and breathing rates as well as physical activity while you sleep.Each morning the data is compiled on the night’s sleep and provides a score which is then measured against the average data based on your age.
So how does it actually work ?
1)Place under the mattress.
2)Download the Sleep Sense App to your smartphone.
3)When you wake up it records the following :
A) The time it took you to fall asleep.
B) Time spent on deep sleep cycles.
c) Your sleep efficency and how many times you got off the bed.
D) Connects to your smart appliances to create the optimal sleep environment to increase the chances of a good night’s sleep.It can connect to your smart appliances to turn off your aircon and TV as you fall asleep.
E) The Smart Alarm feature gradually wakes you up after identifying the best time to do so based on the data collated from your sleep score.
This device is not yet available in South Africa as it was unveiled at IFA 2015 in Berlin last week.I am super keen to try out this device and hopefully get my sleep patterns sorted.
Do you have any tips to improve sleep patterns ?
Be Inspired !

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