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Chin up Princess #TuesdayTruth

Chin up PrincessThe last few days have been filled with all sorts of emotions and crazy moments.But not the good kind.During a convo with dearest CM instead of been all delicate with me he dished up some tough love the kind only someone who cares can do.It was rather harsh but I needed to hear it.And sometimes these things can only be said by those who care for us.But the end of the chat included the above quote which made me smile and got me thinking.
YES ! I am a Princess and regardless of all that is going on in my life I do need to keep my chin up so that my crown doesnt slip.In moments of sadness, we forget just how blessed we are and how we have achieved so much and the impact we have made in this world.When we realise how blessed and loved we then we become grateful and thankful for all the blessings in our lives big or small.
So in order to be a Princess and keep my crown up I need to follow this :
Rules for a Princess
1)Be positive.
2)Keep my chin up.
3)Never give up on my dreams becoming a reality.
4)See the beauty in everything.
5)Look ahead into the future even if there are cloudy skies now, things will get better.
This Princess has vowed to keep her chin up always and be grateful for all the blessings and lessons in her life.So readers make sure your chin is up cause you dont want that crown to slip.
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